Will Fernando Alonso go to Ferrari in 2011? Here’s why I think so (Poll)

Fernando Alonso in Ferrari overalls in 2011? (Image by Vittorio Alfieri)

Fernando Alonso in Ferrari overalls in 2011? (Image by Vittorio Alfieri)

Rumours about Fernando Alonso joining Ferrari kept surfacing last year but seemed to have been killed off when the Scuderia revealed it had extended Kimi Raikkonen’s contract.

So what do we make of the fresh rumours of Alonso joining the team in 2011? Here’s why I think they make a lot of sense.

The best team and the best driver

The best drivers in F1 always gravitate towards the best team: think of Ayrton Senna at Alain Prost at McLaren in the 1980s, then squabbling over the seats at Williams a few years later.

Ferrari have consistently built the best or among the best F1 cars in every season this decade. And Alonso is the best driver in F1 at the moment. He’s the man you hire if you’ve built a championship-winning car and want to make sure you get both the titles. Yes, there are plenty of other drivers who can get the job done, but if you had to pick the driver you could most rely on to take care of it, you’d have to pick Alonso.

That’s why Ferrari plus Alonso makes sense: they are two parties made for each other.

A reliable source

When Autosport ran the new Alonso-to-Ferrari rumour they credited it to “respected journalist Pino Allievi”. James Allen on his blog added:

I have known Pino for almost 20 years and in that time I?m struggling to think of a single occasion on which he has wrongly called a move by Ferrari. He has excellent connections there, going back to Enzo Ferrari?s time. So you can take it as read that this story is true. And it will really shake things up in F1.


There’s a symmetry with this and the timing of the announcement in 2005 of Alonso’s move to McLaren. That deal was done shortly after the Brazilian Grand Prix and made public over the winter of 2005/06.

The timing of the deal also makes sense from the point of view of what we know about existing contracts: Both Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa have deals in place until the end of 2010.

The future of Renault

When Alonso decided to leave Renault in 2005 his decision was partly motivated by uncertainty over the team’s future. Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn later confirmed Renault’s participation in F1 and has said they will remain in the sport until at least 2012.

But in these uncertain financial times is Alonso wagering the French manufacturer will leave F1 sooner rather than later? Is he unimpressed with how the team lagged behind on engine development in 2008?

Do you believe the Alonso-to-Ferrari-in-2011 rumour?

  • Yes (82%)
  • No (18%)

Total Voters: 569

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47 comments on Will Fernando Alonso go to Ferrari in 2011? Here’s why I think so (Poll)

  1. Robert said on 2nd January 2009, 14:54

    <blockquoteOff topic, can anyone explain Lewis’s latest accolade to this non-Brit? Does this MBE award now require us to call him “Sir Lewis”? Or is it the first step to Knighthood?

    Most F1 drivers don’t live in there home country so why do people have a problem, i don’t think Jenson Button does and i think most people would move if they earned that much money.

    On the topic of Alonso i think he will stay where he is, he feels happy there and there pace is picking up but at Ferrari they have experienced enough problems this year to lose a championship.

  2. Keith Collantine

    Alonso is the best… He’s the man… Alonso makes sense… you’d have to pick Alonso…

    You don’t really qualify your statements about Alonso being the best driver, it kinda just amounts to Alonso is the best because I say so. I don’t disagree that he is the “best” but I know why I think so. If you look at the top drivers (Alonso, Massa, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Kubica, Vettel) Alonso is the most consistent in a single race and across an entire season. In an 18 race season you can virtually guarantee that Alonso will turn up to every race and extract the maximum from the car and then some. Hamilton may be the best in the wet and Kimi maybe be ultimately the fastest but actually turning up and performing is one of Alonso’s fortes. Very few drivers have the ability to drive a slow car fast, to turn a car that might be capable of a podium finish into a car that has won a race or for example to qualify a Minardi off the back row. Like Schumacher before him Alonso has this ability and it makes me wonder what would have happened had Alonso been driving a BMW last year. He’s also consistently demonstrated a strong belief in himself, rock hard mental strength and unwavering determination which you need in close title fights.

    F1 needs Alonso at a top team and I feel that we the fans deserve to see the likes of Hamilton and Massa duel it out with Alonso. I hope he goes to Ferrari because even if Ferrari aren’t quite on the pace he will make the difference and hopefully Ferrari will give him the respect that McLaren failed to. Hamilton-McLaren vs. Alonso-Ferrari that’s the biggest duel in F1 right now…. Argh it’s mouth watering just thinking of it.

  3. john peacock said on 2nd January 2009, 15:19

    kubica and vettal to join the prancing horse in 2011 that will make mclaren panic

  4. Striay said on 2nd January 2009, 18:30

    Ferrari urgently need someone like Alonso who races well and tests even better! however i may go as far as saying alonso will be teammate with Kubica in 2011 for they are great friends and have similar driving styles which could help build a great car suiting there style of driving!!

    Although i dont suport Kubica i think he might win the championship next year but keep a look out for Raikkonen who will be driving for a seat next year and also Alonso who has missed a championship this year and eager to gain another!

  5. Why would anyone care about Kubica? he only win was because Hamilton divebombed into Kimi. Not to mention, Nick pulled right over for him. Sure, he can qualify well with low fuel, but he isn’t anything special. I haven’t seen any decent passes…in fact, Heidfeld was more impressive in that aspect.

  6. Off topic, can anyone explain Lewis’s latest accolade to this non-Brit? Does this MBE award now require us to call him “Sir Lewis”? Or is it the first step to Knighthood?

    The MBE means that Lewis can now refer to himself as Lewis Hamilton MBE. It’s not a knighthood so he can’t call himself Sir Lewis Hamilton.

    The MBE is an honour in itself and isn’t the first step on the road to a knighthood – people can be awarded a knighthood without having received an MBE, OBE or CBE. There also also different levels of knighthood – it’s possible for people who are already knights to be upgraded, as it were. The MBE isn’t, of itself, a sign that Lewis is being considered for a knighthood in future.

    In fact, he may well have to do something even more special before the honours committee decides that he can call himself Sir Lewis.

    After all, Sir Jackie Stewart won three world championships, campaigned tirelessly for safety improvements (back when it was a deeply unfashionable cause) and built up his own (briefly) successful F1 team. John Surtees won titles on two wheels and four, ran his own team in F1 and was instrumental in the UK A1GP entry – but he’s still plain old Mr Surtees.

    • Gman said on 3rd January 2009, 5:58

      Great info Tim- thanks for the breakdown! I remember seeing some Royal Navy admirals with 10 or 12 such acronyms after their names, so I had always figured there were many such awards handed out by HM for achievements of various sorts but we don’t always get the details on their meaning over here in the States.

  7. He will bring huge sponsors (Santander allegedly moving across to Ferrari) and that’s what seems to count most these days… not to take anything away from him as I like his style and tenacity.

  8. it’s makes for great racing having alonso at renault but really it can’t last he has to have a top drive which leaves him with one choice.

  9. Lady Snowcat said on 2nd January 2009, 19:04

    This is seriously boring… a real old chestnut…

    And just ‘cos Fernando and his PR are keeping this in the public eye it won’t make it true…

    Can someone look up how many times we’ve been dealing with this speculation over the last few years….

    I was told on excellent authority that Alonso had signed for Ferrari for 2008… and then Massa re-signed… and Alonso went to Renault…

    I was then let in on the secret that Alonso would be at Ferrari for 2009…because Kimi was retiring…. then Kimi re-signed…. and Alonso re-signed for Renault…

    Can we get a grip on this please…

    It won’t happen until Kimi or Felipe leave, Ferrari wouldn’t have won in 2007 without Kimi and they know it… Kimi will leave when he feels like it… Felipe is doing good… and actually given what a pig of a car the Ferrari was in the wet and the generally cooler conditions of 2008, and the pit lane mistakes they made Ferrari should be more anxious to put that right and give the drivers a car as reliable as Lewis’s….

    You may want a driver who throws a fit if he doesn’t get what he wants…

    I wouldn’t…

    And Michael never did such things in public…

    Moreover I am sure that whilst Flav can handle such a character pretty well… Stefano wouldn’t do well at all with Alonso… he’s too democratic by nature…

    Surely your memories aren’t that short… and news not that thin on the ground…


    PS Santander are moving to align with a huge name on the global stage … and they were ****** off with the Alonso thing and weren’t going to stay a moment longer than they had to…

  10. beneboy said on 2nd January 2009, 19:13

    I voted Yes, Sadly.

    Much as I dislike James Allen’s commentating he is a good journalist and usually pretty reliable.

    This is what I’ve been fearing for a while now, there are few others drivers I’d want driving for Ferrari less than Fernando Alonso.

    I fear a repeat of the Schumi clause where we end up with one talented driver getting all of the support while some journeyman makes up the numbers in the other car.

    I don’t get the hype surrounding Alonso either, he’s good but no better than several other drivers we have competing at the moment.

    He’s (Alonso) also consistently demonstrated a strong belief in himself, rock hard mental strength and unwavering determination which you need in close title fights.

    K – No offence mate but the guy folded like a Blackpool deckchair at McLaren.
    His mental strength, or lack of it, is one of the main reasons I wouldn’t want him at Ferrari. He sulked when he realised Lewis was a fast driver & threatened the team to try to get himself the number 1 status he so clearly needs.

    I’m a big Schumi fan and understand why he asked for the status he got at Ferrari but I also recognise how damaging it was and can be.
    Sometimes his only competition was his team mate who was under clear instructions not to race him, this gave us many very, very dull races.
    This season both drivers were free to race until Kimi no longer had much of a chance of winning the WDC and this is how it should be.

    I’m not saying he’s not a good driver, I just don’t want him driving for Ferrari. Don’t want to repeat myself as this is getting quite long but a fuller explanation why is on one of my posts on this previous article:

  11. HounslowBusGarage said on 2nd January 2009, 20:38

    All drivers are ambitious. That’s why they are drivers.
    And they all want to drive for the best team(s). The current ‘best teams’ are Ferrari and MacLaren. Alonso has no chance of rejoining MacLaren, so the only alternative is Ferrari.
    Ferrari have been re-Italianising themselves under the team leadership of Stefano Domenicali; maybe that’s a good idea, maybe not. Judging by the antics in the pit lane in 2008, it wasn’t so smart.
    If Alonso has already signed for the red team in 2011, I would laugh my parts off if they went into one of their periodic declines with Italian-versus-Italian team infighting at about that time.
    A brooding driver in a team riven by fratricidal hatred would not be for the faint hearted, but it might be entertaing.

  12. I would like to add something about this reliable source because I read sometimes a blog of one of french journalists where he said that Pino Allevi he was close Briatore’s friend and didnt have good relationship with Luca. (“De Pino, il faut savoir deux choses : il est l’ami, mieux LE confident, de Flavio Briatore, employeur d’Alonso chez Renault et manager privé du pilote espagnol. En même temps, Pino n’est pas en meilleur terme avec Luca di Montezemolo qui a cherché naguerre à le faire mettre sur la touche par la Gazetta.”)I dont know where is the truth. Still, I believe that Alonso will go to Ferrari but personally I would prefer maybe Kubica instead of him. We’ll see

  13. Ups I forgot to add that he didnt believe Alonso would go to Ferrari

  14. Matthew said on 3rd January 2009, 0:06

    With Renault given permission to continue with engine development will Fredo want to leave the team? He won two races in a dog of a car this year and as much as I’d like to see him in a Ferrari*, I don’t think he’ll leave Renault. I don’t think the Scuderia would give him a submissive teammate with two years left in his F1 career at that point. I think Vettel is more likely for 2011 in a support role for Massa.

    *I’m not a Tifosi, just curious to see what he could do.

  15. ceedas said on 3rd January 2009, 0:17

    It’s a matter of time, if not 2010, then 2011 when all the contracts are up anyway. All the drivers want to drive for Ferrari (except perhaps Hamilton?), and Alonso probably would already be there if it wasn’t for Jean Todt. So yes, Alonso will drive for Ferrari sooner or later.

    And don’t worry about the pit crew – pretty soon it’ll be impossible to leave the pits with the hose still attached…

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