It’s Hungary for me in 2009

Robert Kubica during last year's Hungarian Grand Prix

Robert Kubica during last year's Hungarian Grand Prix

This year I’m planning to visit the Hungaroring to see the Hungarian Grand Prix for the first time.

Have you made any plans to go to an F1 race in 2009?

I know what everyone says about the Hungaroring: it’s slow, it’s boring, the racing is usually rubbish. Don Speekingleesh went in 2004 and said it was, “Possibly the dullest race of all time. Still had a great weekend though.”

The Hungaroring has given us some moments of drama in recent years – Jenson Button’s shock win in the wet in 2006, the McLaren affair in 2007, and Felipe Massa losing victory mere laps from the finish last year. But it’s not a track you can rely on to produce a really good F1 race. (At least, not with the pre-2009 specification cars.)

It’s an interesting venue in other ways, though: it was the only track to hold a world championship F1 race during the Soviet era. It was also the scene of one of the races that made me an F1 fan – the terrific 1989 race, which I watched on the BBC with Murray Walker, which Nigel Mansell won for Ferrari from 12th on the grid.

Part of my reason for choosing the Hungaroring that it’s a holiday destination. We’re planning to stay near Lake Balaton, which looks very pretty, from which we can pop into Budapest as well.

A quick check on the F1 Fanatic spectators’ experiences page for the Hungaroring shows one previous visitor, Cameron, who’s left some useful tips including this:

We had two blocks of tickets, one section of 2 seats in Gold 1, and one section of 3 seats in Silver 4. Sightlines from Silver 4 are fantastic, you can see much of the track due to their position on the hill rimming the valley the track resides in. Its good fun watching cars come through the tight turn 14 and onto the straight, especially the GP2 cars as they slide as their tires begin to go off. Gold 1 is directly across from the pits and gives you a great view of the start, but next time I would try Gold 4 instead, as this give you a view of the only passing zone on the track, turn 1.

Silver 4 tickets start at ??257. Of course, buying Grand Prix tickets at the moment means playing exchange rate roulette. Should we buy now and get the 5% early booking discount, or wait and see if the pound recovers against the Euro?

I haven’t forgotten about Silverstone, of course, which is holding the British Grand Prix for what could be the last time this year, and I’ll be there too if I can.

If anyone else has any tips on visiting the Hungaroring, please let me know. Have you booked tickets to see an F1 race in 2009?

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48 comments on It’s Hungary for me in 2009

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  1. Atticus said on 4th January 2009, 13:27

    welcome from hungary!!

    i have been at the track in 2005 when raikkonen scraped past schumacher to take the win. there was a very good atmosphere, the fans were great as i walked down from turn 11 to the grandstands on sunday.

    one thing i can advice: dont be late! the motorway called M3 is heading towards the track from budapest and there are huge traffic jams usually.

  2. Ibrin said on 4th January 2009, 13:32

    Am going to Silverstone this year with my Mum whose a huge fan. We’ve been watching F1 solid for the last ten years and never been to a race, so this will be my first!

    Would have liked to have got three day tickets so I could walk around the track – have abby grandstand tickets instead as I don’t think my Mum would like to camp!

    Can i watch a support race from beckets in the morning and still get to my grandstand in time for the F1? (I think seats are numbered)

    (Wishing there was still Sunday morning practice…)

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 4th January 2009, 14:34

      Ibrin – Yep there’s a big gap between the last support race and the Grand Prix. They always leave long gaps in case there’s a crash so they’ve got lots of time to clean it up so the F1 race doesn’t get delayed.

  3. I’ve already got my tickets to Melbourne (the city I live in, so it makes sense), but sadly I just can’t justify the cost of another trip to Singapore this year which sucks, it was so good last year :(

  4. GeoCucc said on 4th January 2009, 13:47

    Hello. I live in North-Serbia, but I’m hungarian, so I visited my “home” race 3 times yet: in ’04, in ’05 and in last year. The 2004 race was really boring, as someone said, but because that was my first visited race, I enjoyed it incredibly. The wheather was extremely hot at all the 3 years. Unfortunately I cann’t compare the circumstances with other races, because the Hungaroring is the only track I visited. But if you want to know something, ask it, and maybe I can answer :)

    Sorry for my bad english..
    Good site. :)

  5. Journeyer said on 4th January 2009, 14:02

    Everything is set for me to go to Sepang this year – as I’ve said before, the tickets are dirt-cheap (I mean, USD300 for upper-tier tickets facing the start-finish line?)

    I’d have loved to back to SG this year, but it’s just too expensive. Also, I want to see as many different circuits as possible – I’m looking at going to Melbourne for 2010. :)

  6. I was going to plan a trip to coincide with the USA GP, but I guess I’ll have to knock that one on the head now.

  7. Devote said on 4th January 2009, 14:17

    …well this year i am planning to visit again the Turkish GP.

    I,ve been there once ( at the debut gp ) and this year i am planning to revisit it ( this time with my beloved wife )

    This time i will try to focus my visit to the town of Instabul and less at the gP

    THats all …. cya

  8. Andrew White said on 4th January 2009, 15:34

    I’m planning on going to Valencia this year

    It will be my first time actually going to a race, so some tips from people who went last year would be useful! :)

    Although the tickets are almost the most expensive on the calendar, I am going mainly because the place looks very nice and the race is the day before my birthday :D

    • went last year and my advice is to get seats on the pit straight or the first corner. this part of the track is right next the town and close to the beach. but don’t even think about stands from 12 to 20. as this is over by the docks and is a bit of a dump and not to easy to get too.
      the city is great, so even if it’s another dull race the nightlife should make up for it. oh and bring a hat, it was hot!!

  9. I have just booked my flights and accomodation for the spanish grand prix.
    I love the circuit and the atmosphere

  10. I think the Hungarian GP is a great event for spectators: Budapest is reachable on budget airlines and accommodation is plentiful in the city (which is in itself an interesting place to visit). The circuit isn’t too far away; access can be slow-ish, but once you’re inside the compact layout enables you to get around. You’ll find it’s much hillier than you expect.

    Yes, it is a bit like a go-kart track, but it’s quite charming and the spectators are enthusiastic. I really like the sequence from turn 3-ish (left-hand hairpin); downhill through a scary-fast right hander, then flat out back up the hill to a big-balls blind-entry right-hander. It was all the better last year for the absence of traction control.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 4th January 2009, 16:37

      Shame there aren’t any grandstands over there! I assume you can get to that bit of the track on foot? I always like to spend the Friday exploring…

  11. I too will be off to the Hungaroring in July and cannot wait. Me and my wife visited Budapest last year on our Honeymoon and it will be worthwhile going back just to visit the city if nothing else. I know the circuit is not as great as Spa (where we went last season) but the Hungaroring has produced some noticeable moments so I’m very excited about being able to go to a race next season. Luckily we will be staying in the same hotel but it is only over the three days so we are going to have to strike a balance between seeing all of the racing and enjoying some of the city.

    I’m planning on using the shuttle bus service to get into the circuit so fingers crossed this is going to work out well.

  12. “We’re planning to stay near Lake Balaton, which looks very pretty, from which we can pop into Budapest as well”I have been 2 times to Hungary, near Balaton and i have to say that people are great, the same as weather, fruits, beautiful country, but balaton isnt the best place to swimming (its only warning, if you intend to do it)

  13. If I get accepted into Japan after graduation, then it’ll be Suzuka for me :) (or Fuji, if Honda decide they should pull the plug on Suzuka as well!)

  14. Its warm:). Probably I was just unlucky because near my place water was a bit dirty .But I hope i didnt say anything wrong, because its really nice country:)

  15. Monaco for me. all my pennies have been saved up. this will be my 2nd time and i would advise anyone if they can, then try too see the Monaco grand prix. The smell, the noise and the women. pure heaven, roll on may!!!

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