It’s Hungary for me in 2009

Robert Kubica during last year's Hungarian Grand Prix

Robert Kubica during last year's Hungarian Grand Prix

This year I’m planning to visit the Hungaroring to see the Hungarian Grand Prix for the first time.

Have you made any plans to go to an F1 race in 2009?

I know what everyone says about the Hungaroring: it’s slow, it’s boring, the racing is usually rubbish. Don Speekingleesh went in 2004 and said it was, “Possibly the dullest race of all time. Still had a great weekend though.”

The Hungaroring has given us some moments of drama in recent years – Jenson Button’s shock win in the wet in 2006, the McLaren affair in 2007, and Felipe Massa losing victory mere laps from the finish last year. But it’s not a track you can rely on to produce a really good F1 race. (At least, not with the pre-2009 specification cars.)

It’s an interesting venue in other ways, though: it was the only track to hold a world championship F1 race during the Soviet era. It was also the scene of one of the races that made me an F1 fan – the terrific 1989 race, which I watched on the BBC with Murray Walker, which Nigel Mansell won for Ferrari from 12th on the grid.

Part of my reason for choosing the Hungaroring that it’s a holiday destination. We’re planning to stay near Lake Balaton, which looks very pretty, from which we can pop into Budapest as well.

A quick check on the F1 Fanatic spectators’ experiences page for the Hungaroring shows one previous visitor, Cameron, who’s left some useful tips including this:

We had two blocks of tickets, one section of 2 seats in Gold 1, and one section of 3 seats in Silver 4. Sightlines from Silver 4 are fantastic, you can see much of the track due to their position on the hill rimming the valley the track resides in. Its good fun watching cars come through the tight turn 14 and onto the straight, especially the GP2 cars as they slide as their tires begin to go off. Gold 1 is directly across from the pits and gives you a great view of the start, but next time I would try Gold 4 instead, as this give you a view of the only passing zone on the track, turn 1.

Silver 4 tickets start at ??257. Of course, buying Grand Prix tickets at the moment means playing exchange rate roulette. Should we buy now and get the 5% early booking discount, or wait and see if the pound recovers against the Euro?

I haven’t forgotten about Silverstone, of course, which is holding the British Grand Prix for what could be the last time this year, and I’ll be there too if I can.

If anyone else has any tips on visiting the Hungaroring, please let me know. Have you booked tickets to see an F1 race in 2009?

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48 comments on It’s Hungary for me in 2009

  1. Fernando said on 5th January 2009, 13:24

    I plan on going to Canada for the Canadian Grand Prix. Oh wait a second there’s not gonna be one!!!

  2. Too Good said on 5th January 2009, 13:32

    @Journeyer – Milos is right. The Seats opposite the Podium have restricted view, with paddock complex blocking the S1. The seats on T1 are better as one gets action of highspeed cars at long straight, as well as first set of swooping corners. I have also seen Malaysian GP from back straight, which gives good view of the part S2 and S3. My Grandstand experience was of A1GP and Formula BMW Asia race and as Milos rightly points, one is pretty must limited to the start finish straight.

  3. Jonatas said on 5th January 2009, 15:55

    It’s Istanbul for us!
    At least we hope so! We went to the USGP in 07 and Canada in 08. This year there won’t be anything around here, so we decided we may as well go overseas and make a vacation out of it. So we chose Turkey because of the favorable exchange rate, historic places to see, things to do and also to see if Felipe Massa can go 4 for 4.

  4. Jonatas, since you seem to be the kiss of death for F1 races, could you change your mind to go to Valencia instead ;)

    • Jonatas said on 6th January 2009, 13:33

      hahaha I have thought of keeping myself home in order to save the races. But I want to see if I can go 3 for 3. Just thank me for not going to the Brazilian Grand Prix (maybe).

  5. f1boi said on 28th July 2009, 19:55

    top speeds are actually 300kph

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