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Weblog Awards: Vote F1 Fanatic! 5th January 2009, 23:53

F1 Fanatic has been nominated for the “Best Sports Blog award in the 2008 Weblog Awards. (Yes, I know it’s 2009 – they do the 2008 awards in 2009!) Voting starts today and runs until Tuesday 13th January. You can vote once in each cateogry in every 24 hour period so if you want to […]

F1 links: Schumacher and Honda

Michael Schumacher and Honda "One intriguing rumour to surface over the Christmas period is the suggestion that Honda Racing F1's Ross Brawn may have been talking seriously to Michael Schumacher about working together to save the Brackley team. Schumacher has plenty of private money but it is unrealistic to believe that anyone will spend their […]

BBC: No HD F1 in 2009

F1 will not be broadcast in high definition on the BBC in 2009. Director of BBC Sport Roger Mosey said ??we?d very much like it to be?? but HD F1 broadcasts are not available yet. He also suggested practice sessions will only be available online and ??via the red button?, and said the BBC is […]

Bernie Ecclestone, racing driver

A thread on the Autosport forum about Bernie Ecclestone’s brief racing career caught my eye. Ecclestone dabbled in motorbike racing and Formula Three in the early 1950s. But his only entry in the F1 record books is for the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix – which he failed to qualify for. What’s the story behind the […]

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