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F1 links: Davidson was set for Honda 11th January 2009, 22:49

David Coulthard exclusive "We’re seeing a vast change in the regulations. The last time we had such a big change was 1998 when we went to narrow track cars with the grooved tyres and it was Adrian Newey’s design team that stole the march on the new regs back then so this could well be […]

KERS explained: how a mechanical Kinetic Energy Recovery System works

Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems are one of the big talking points off the off-season, as F1 teams weigh up whether to use them on their 2009 F1 cars. KERS builders Flybrid Systems demonstrated a working Formula 1-spec device at the Autosport International show. I had a chat with managing partner Jon Hilton who talked me […]

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