Ferrari F60 launched at Mugello – pictures & video (2009 F1 car launches)

Ferrari has launched its 2009 F1 car at Mugello. The F60 is the first Formula 1 car for the new season to break cover.

More high-resolution pictures of the new car below. Update: Pictures of the F60’s first test and launch video added.

All images (c) Ferrari spa.

Video: Onboard with Massa in the F60

More Ferrari F1 car pictures

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80 comments on Ferrari F60 launched at Mugello – pictures & video (2009 F1 car launches)

  1. I like it. The F60 — like the name, by the way. I had had enough of the F200X series — looks very sleek. And the dimensions of front and rear wings are already growing on me.

  2. I think it’s a shame that the front and rear wings are so out of proportion because we could have had some very good looking cars otherwise.

  3. Still not too hot on the front elevation, but the top and side elevations are quite elegant. A much more smooth and curvy design than we’ve seen so far. It is quite clean design, having been quite a fan of the appendages of recent years I’m already getting used to this look.

    That tata logo, as mentioned before, is hard to find, I only found it because I didn’t know who 111R(?) and SKF are.

    I love those protruding exhaust pipes, that’s like older F1 cars, although odds are that it’s there to prevent the car setting fire to itself again.

    Hope it’s the winner! :)

  4. Mussolini's pet cat said on 12th January 2009, 10:58

    Don’t often feel sorry for F1 Drivers, but with that incredibly slender nose, it’s going to be a real tight fit. Looks like they’ll be sitting almost horizontal too! Hope Kimi has been off the pies over Xmas…..

  5. I think it looks pretty neat after all, I was prepared for much worse looks to be honest. The front and rear wings are still quite big, I have to admit, but the long nose bit compensates it so they aren’t so much over the top.

  6. Alastair said on 12th January 2009, 11:36

    Unlikely to be a lot of oversteer with that massive front wing, is there, especially when the drivers can adjust the angle of attack, so Kimi should be OK… as long as he doesn’t catch that thing on anyone’s car at the start, or when trying to overtake.

    LOL, watch there be even LESS overtaking, with drivers too afraid of losing their front wing to follow the car in front close enough!

  7. Looks much better than the BMW. The nose isn’t too long. The pillars joining the wing and nose are thrown backward, thus it seems long. (The BMW’s pillars are pretty vertical).

    Also; no bloated sidepods like BMW.

    But I am surprised to see the sidepod deflectors and nose wings ( the small black ones, close to the front wing). Aren’t they banned?

  8. ajokay said on 12th January 2009, 12:11

    I see they’ve gotten round the regulations by turning the wing-mirror stalks into sidepod wings.

    I hope the FIA pull them up on that and they are forced to remove them. Once again, Ferrari going against the grain.

    Other than that, I think the car looks beautiful. The nose is sleak and long, and it’s so pinched at the back. I’ve never seen so much floor be shown on an F1 car before.

    I like the black carbon fibre on the bottom half of the car too, harks back to the late 80’s when they left the bottom of the cars unpainted.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 12th January 2009, 12:39

      Yes I used to like the black front and rear wings on Ferraris.

    • Arthur 954 said on 13th January 2009, 23:56

      Instead of black, I would have prefered those parts in silver, if you take a look at the old 512, 312 Le Mans type racers , you will see that the use of red plus silver is a Ferrari tradition

  9. Adrian said on 12th January 2009, 12:40

    @sumedh aren’t the small black wings you’re referring to the camera housing and dummy camera housing?

  10. Great pictures!!!! (Keith and Sumedh) Thanks a lot for the side of the pics.

    I don’t like front wing, it is not proportioned with the rest of the design; I hope gives the cars efficency despite the aesthetic.

    In any case, I think in few races we all will be used with the look of this new designs.

  11. Rob R. said on 12th January 2009, 12:57

    At least the front wing isn’t 50 feet off the ground like it was in the last few seasons.

    • ajokay said on 12th January 2009, 14:20

      I agree, this is one thing from the past few years that I haven’t liked about the cars. It’s nice to have the front wings back down within scraping distance of the tarmac.

  12. I just hope the new regulations aren’t so restrictive that all the cars do look similar, through no fault of the designers…..
    Keith – I see where you are coming from with the name – perhaps this is Ferrari getting to know its Road-Car side again….

  13. hmm, I like it. Kimi should put it to good use.

  14. Look good but this new design is taking some getting used too. I’m surprised to still see Marlboro as a sponsor as I thought 2008 was their last year with Ferrari.

  15. Mr Soap said on 12th January 2009, 13:22

    Pleasantly surprising, but I don’t like the mirror stalks.

    I do wonder how fragile they’d be during a race.

    • And the mirrors will be useless for looking in, as they’ll vibrate or flap about at speed. But then nobody is allowed to overtake them anyway, so it won’t matter. Hadn’t realised how narrow the rear tyres are this year, if KERS gives you a boost in acceleration and there’s no traction control it could get quite tricky.

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