Ferrari F60 - 2009 Formula 1 car

Ferrari F60 launched at Mugello – pictures and video

2009 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Ferrari has launched its 2009 F1 car at Mugello. The F60 is the first Formula 1 car for the new season to break cover.

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  1. It looks terrible, distended and hastily slapped together. It’s also interesting to see that the vestigal bridge wings are permitted by the new regs. That said, it looks way better than the BMW.

    It’s like if they had grand prix cars in Blade Runner.

    Welcome to the weird dystopian future of Fomula 1!

  2. it looks like it was designed by a seven year old.

    good god that rear wing is horrible!!!!

  3. wow. 2009 could start off any worse. These cars are truly a pathetic sight. Maybe I could get used to the front wing, but the rear wing height looks beyond idiotic. The shot from above Massa with slicks on is the only time I can say I even think its nice. A profile shot, or front on shot shows how truly moronic these new rules are.

    If these cars were developed into being this ugly 5 years ago, Max would have banned them even if they were faster, just purely based on looks(read: Monaco X wings).

    Honestly, I love Formula 1, but it has jumped the shark for me, and everything seems downhill from here.

  4. I think it is a great looking car.

  5. i like the clean lines
    the wings look stupid
    those mirror stream liners should not be allowed
    they will grow and grow…do the rule makers ever learn!!!
    and i can’t believe marlboro is still on the car DICUSTING!!

  6. Wasn’t F60 the pre-production designation of the road car that became the Enzo? The successor to the F40 and F50.

    No F60 would denote the car was built for 2007, even though the F50 was released in 1995 (and it was faster then the F1 car at the time) the Enzo was comissioned by Luca to celebrate Ferrari winning the constructors championship after a 20 year drought, hence the chassis name being FXX for the Enzo (XX roman numerals for 20),and the following stripped down Enzo for use as a real world test bed of aerodyninamics such as cross winds and different driving style. It wasn’t comissioned to be the 60 year anniversary car like the F40 before it.

    If you want a good looking Ferrari check out the Ferrari p4/55 by piniferina!, sexy!

    anyway!, I think the F60 looks tasty!, I wasn’t expecting much but i like it alot, I’m looking forward to the renault.

    1. Sush beat me to the small education on the Ferrari street cars…..I was hoping for the chance to show some supercar knowledge….and I have to agree that the P 4/5 Pininfarina is the sexiest car ever built.It is a one off built from an Enzo but is lighter,faster.

      As far as the new F60 F1 car,I like everything except the rear wing,it looks totally out of place.

  7. I really like it :D

    It’s only looking straight-on from the front where the car looks a bit weird.

    But from any other angle, it looks (dare I say it) stunning

  8. Amarjit Singh
    12th January 2009, 19:21

    I think it’s classy; it’s a very clean, sleek design. F1 has finally gone back to basics; it’s very reminiscient of a 2000 car.

  9. Oh god, how depressing. I’m sorry, it really doesn’t matter how elegant the main body shape is, those wings make modern Formula One cars are just plain ugly. Like a super-powered shopping trolley, in fact. What with the P1 cars at Le Mans sporting similarly downsized rear wings, 2009 sure looks to be the season of the ug. Seriously guys, these have to be the stupidest looking formula cars of all time. Makes the old A1GP look like a thing of beauty…

  10. I think it’s gorgeous! Especially from the front, I think the front wing looks great. The rear wing still looks a little strange, but I think we’ll get used to it alot quicker than we got used to seeing all the winglets. I love the clean nose, reminds me of the cars from the mid-late 90’s.

  11. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion
    13th January 2009, 9:29

    I hope you read this one, Keith.

    F60 looks ugly, while the latest F2008 seems so beatiful… It makes me think about that item I sent you about the link between form and function. Engineers are beginning to understand how the new regulations can be exploited to obtain the maximum performance…. And the first approach seem scary, tough, boxed, out of scale. It’s not a matter of the time needed to get used to the new forms. It’s a perception that there is something wrong on how these forms reflect the function they serve.
    On the other side, the old F2008 was the pinnacle of the understanding of aerodynamics under latest regulations. And it was worked on a form that was beautiful, because each part of it was pure functionalism. You could read what was each part for. You could touch the air flowing around each corner, aleiron, flap, spoiler, etc.
    What I’m expecting is to engineers walking the new road that is opened in front of them, working on how to obtain the very maximum of performance. And while their understanding of aerodynamics under this new environment is better, so it will be the beauty of their cars. Let’s see. It will be very interesting to find out if this is true, because outside, in my architectural world, we are working just the opposite way……….

    1. I read every comment! I just can’t commit to replying to them all because there’s too many…

      I think it’s ugly as well, I think we’re going to be stuck with an ugly field this year. Maybe I’ll get used to them, but those wings are so out of proportion I’m not sure.

      I’ve been watching the IRL for years and I like it but their cars are still ugly.

  12. did i see grooved tyres on that video????

    1. Nope, you saw inters on that video.

  13. I propose a signature retro look for the Ferrari pit crews : the mechanics dressed in light blue overalls, with a straw hat and a cigarette hanging from their mouth.
    Take a look at old 50s and 60s photos ……

  14. Everybody,

    The sport/game isn’t won by the beauty of the car. This is not a beauty contest. They are not designing the car for looks and for your eyes. They are designed to meet the regulations and reach the optimum performance. Let them show you how they run. The beauty of the car comes last.

  15. Ugly ugly ugly. A huge step backwards in my opinion. The F2008 and 2007 car was absolutely stunning. Every angle was like staring at a machine from the future, and standing close to one would give me goose bumps. This just looks terrible. I know i know, aero packages and cost cutting blah blah blah…. Im just disapointed after ending last season on such a high.
    Obviously we’ll still watch but its kinda cringe worthy isnt it?
    Its like watching 20 Janet Street Porters on Strictly Come Dancing- Not good enough.

  16. personally I like the new ferrari, i was expecting something alot worse, so it was a pleasant suprise to finally see it. I will admit it took me about an hour of lookin at it from different angles to get used to it. Good job ferrari! looks way better than the rest of the teams. the mclaren car looks horrible and dont even start me on the BMW and renault HAHAHA what a joke they are! Kimi 2009 world champion!!!!

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