5 comments on “BMW steering wheel with KERS button”

  1. I would be more sympathetic to Ferrari if they had a decent KERS System. To me it just seems that Ferrari are attacking BMW because they know BMW have a superior system. F1 represents a not just a battle of drivers but a battle of engineers. I would be very disappointed if Ferrari caused the greatest engineering opportunity in F1 in years to be delayed because of their incompetence.

  2. On The Inside
    14th January 2009, 21:06


    i completely agree. Ferrari have said for some time that they’ve been having problems with their KERS system. They are now pulling out the “costs” card. They new the deal ages ago and should live with it.

  3. Which one’s the KERS button? That little one on the left, marked K?

  4. As usual, Ferrari wants it their way so that they can keep their “unfair” advantage.

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