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F1 links: Raikkonen on 2009 changes 15th January 2009, 22:03

Technical analysis of the Toyota TF109 “Toyota have gone for a slim nose but, unlike Ferrari, they have kept the nose shorter and raised the tip up as far as possible. This shape does provide more space under the nose cone for turning vanes, which is an area outside of the exclusion zones for bodywork. […]

Ferrari F60 and Toyota TF109 side by side – pictures (2009 F1 cars)

The first two F1 cars of 2009 have been officially unveiled – so now we can get a close-up look at the pair of them and see where the designers have gone in different directions. Here’s a look at the Ferrari F60 and Toyota TF109 side by side.

Toyota reveals the TF109 – pictures and video

The Toyota TF109 has become the second F1 car to break cover. Toyota used a live online launch to unveil their eighth car to contest the F1 world championship.

Toyota TF109 launch live online

Toyota launches its 2009 F1 car, the TF109, in a live online show today. The launch will be broadcast live at www.tf109-premiere.com and a comment thread for discussion is open below.

How new engine rules will affect strategy

Ferrari’s Stefano Domenicali has been talking about the changes to the F1 engine rules for 2009. Gone are the days of teams using one engine for each two consecutive rounds. The 2009 system is more complex: it could face some teams with challenging questions – especially at the end of the season – and it […]

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