Toyota TF109

Toyota reveals the TF109 – pictures and video

2009 F1 season

Toyota TF109

The Toyota TF109 has become the second F1 car to break cover this year. Toyota used a live online launch to unveil their eighth car to contest the F1 world championship.

More pictures and video of the Toyota TF109 below.

Video of the Toyota TF109

Video of the Toyota TF109 and drivers

Toyota TF109 being built

Toyota TF109 launch video

Images ?? Toyota

42 comments on “Toyota reveals the TF109 – pictures and video”

  1. I think I prefer the Ferrari.

    Although I still think it’s sad, now that we’ve seen the 2nd car launched with them, that they have the bargeboards on the front end of the sidepods.

    I thought the point of this season was that all of those were banned. I don’t care if the designers have found a loop-hole, the teams should just be told to remove them.

  2. I just took a second look at TF109. I absolutely hate it. Also, Glock and Trulli in the promo video, the whole idea of K1-like promotion- it’s all just soulless, daft and sad… Sorry for being so grim Keith but you have to admit there’s something important missing here. I say it’s passion.

    1. Well I can’t say I find the idea of Toyota very exciting. Speaking as someone who’s driven a few of their cars. They’re pretty soulless, mass-produced and tedious. But I like Trulli and Glock though – I like the idea of an Italian F1 driver who makes wine (surely the ultimate NASCAR fan’s stereotype of an F1 driver?) and Glock has potential I reckon.

  3. I like it. Regarding deflectors/protrusions, weren’t those a loophole in the rules coming from the crash structure zones?
    Honestly i liked the whole website/video, it shows commitment from toyota to the sport

  4. The more of these 2009 spec cars I see, the more I’m starting to love them. If you asked me last year, I would have refused to admit that was even possible.

    However, I must say, that I think this Toyota actually looks a bit better than the Ferrari. As crazy as it sounds, I prefer the Toyota. Crazy I know. Can’t wait to lay eyes on the McLaren later in the week!

  5. @ Keith…

    As an owner of a ’94 A-Spec GT-Four Celica (Alot of modifications though, so probably doesn’t count) I would have to say Toyota’s can be FAR from dull and soulless. Infact, of all the car’s i’ve owned this thing STILL has a place in the garage. Doesn’t get driven much anymore, but I’ll never sell it. I fell in love ;)

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