McLaren MP4/24 revealed – pictures and video (2009 F1 car launches)

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Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen reveal the McLaren MP4/24
Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen reveal the McLaren MP4/24

McLaren has shown off its 2009 F1 car, the MP4/24, with which Lewis Hamilton will be looking to defend his 2008 world championship.

Pictures and video of the new McLaren launched at the McLaren Technology Centre below.

Mclaren MP4-24 launch video

Thanks Becken!

McLaren is the third F1 team to reveal its 2009 F1 car. See pictures of the new Ferrari and Toyota below:

Images (C), Daimler

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  1. Wow! The back wing is extraordinarily unique. I’d really like to see the aerodynamic tests for it…

  2. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but the MP4-24 looks better than the F60 or the TF106. I especially like the somewhat bigger sidepods, with the exaust incorporated into the bodywork.

  3. yeah i love this car. roll on oz.

  4. All of the cars so far have looked amazing. I am so pleased that they got rid of all of those ugly looking aero wings on the bodywork, making the cars look far more sleak and more traditional. They are really taking the ‘look’ back twenty years, with the slick tyres and narrow rear ends and narrow, high rear wings.
    All we need is the sparks out of the back during the race, and it’ll be like 1991 all over again.

  5. What a great looking car. The details on the car are amazing…the exhaust, the nose, the air intakes, the body as a whole. Stunning.

    I’m glad the rear wing doesn’t look like a lego block like on the F60. Somehow it comes off as looking like it’s not too tall.

  6. Nice&sleek. I love the oval air intakes, they make it look fast, but the real gem is the nose. I’ve been wondering how this design would withstand the safety regulations, but if it looks like this it has to be ok. Good work McLaren, you made me smile instead of cry like TF109.

  7. Oddly reminds me of the Ferrari F92A – I think it’s the nose and radiator ducts. No double floor though.

    1. I know what you mean I thought the same thing. Unfortunately the F92A was – and I’m being very kind here – a complete and utter dog. In fact I think it was in Autosport’s ‘top ten rubbish F1 cars’ recently.

  8. Great looking car, no doubt. I always thought that the current paint scheme is the best on the grid, glad they haven’t changed it.

    Is it just my perception or is the front suspension of the Ferrari way more aero looking than the McLaren’s??

  9. For some reason the nose reminded me of a dolphin (look at the top down pic) and now I can’t get that image out of my head! Great looking car though

  10. the McLaren and Ferrari cars actually look alright (cant judge speed on that though). more sleak than the Toyota

  11. It looks sensational from profile and the midships view from above is almost beautiful. I guess like everything, the devils in the detail and Mclaren never get that wrong. If theyd only put the engines in the front and ban wings we’d have a true renaissance, even the second golden age. Form is as important as form in F1

  12. Its nice, but is it just me or are the sidepods quite a bit fatter than last years car and this years ferrari and toyota?

  13. Here, in this LINK, the McLaren MP4/24 presentation in VIDEO.

    1. Cheers Becken – have added the video above.

  14. Whether or not you are a McLaren fan, you have to admit that the car is simply gorgeous. It is possibly the most beautiful car in motor racing history.

    1. Ive got to agree with you Paige. I’m certainly not a McLaren fan, but just one look at the silhouette of MP4/24 tells me it’s going to be one hell of a car to beat. By comparison the TF109 doesn’t have that lightness of form McL has. It may not at all be rellevant or true, but there’s just so much energy hidden in it’s shape I’d be surprised if the performance didn’t follow. Can’t wait for BMW Sauber now!

  15. theRoswellite
    16th January 2009, 22:28

    Following a reversed version of the old concept, “form follows function”, you can predict the cars performance based on only appearance. I actually believe this has, at least, a bit of merit. For long time followers of F1, the “look” of the car is unconsciously analyzed, and one is left with a “feeling” about the overall speed of the car. Maybe this is rubbish, I certainly would not want to put it to any kind of test, never the less, I certainly get those “feelings” about certain cars, and have for years (probably impossible not to).

    So, my vote…..this baby is going to be quick.

  16. Yeah, the McLaren looks nice, but I’ve got a funny feeling it’s not going to be that quick. Of course, I’ll be proven wrong by a McLaren 1-2 on the grid in Melbourne, but comparing it to the Toyota and Ferrari it looks a little underdone.

    It doesn’t look as tightly packaged as either the F60 or TF109 and they seem to have overlooked the area at the front of the sidepods that the others have exploited. I know the aero package will likely change considerably by Melbourne, but the front wing end plates look a little crude, particularly in comparison to Toyota’s, as do the actuators for the movable front flaps – the other two seem to have incorporated these more effectively into the front wing design than McLaren has.

    I wonder whether the development that went into securing Hamilton’s title has set them back for 2009, or if they’ll be as quick as ever?

  17. Beauty is judged by speed, and nothing is more homely than being slow. I’m looking at you, MP4-18.

  18. This time Mclaren should win the WCC also. They are the best of all the cars. Great looking too.I wish them all the best.

  19. the best looking car by far. The way an f1 should look like. The rear tyres a bit wider woulden’t hurt though.
    Dennis steping down… makes me wonder. First ferrari was giving engines to honda, then all of a sudden they say they would’t, soon afterwards mercedes is very happy to help, no dead line, and at this particular moment, dennis steps down. All very convenient… for ron dennis to buy honda and get the best deal ever in formula one. Well sorry, the second best. remember that ecclestone got the hole show for free.

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