Is this how the Renault R29 was supposed to look?

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Renault launched its R29 F1 car for 2009 today to more howls of revulsion about what they’ve done with their livery.

But Renault’s bizarre front nose arrangement also drew some concerned glances. Its bulbous shape and low-hanging vertical strips look unwieldy compared to most of its rivals.

In the comments thread Luke and PrateekF1 unearthed an interesting picture on Renault’s F1 site which seems to show a different version of the R29. The new colour scheme is present and correct and it appears to be in 2009 specification. But the front wing is a much simpler affair:

Renault R29 - the original design?
Renault R29 - the original design?

For comparison, here’s the front wing on the R29 as launched:

Renault R29 - 2009 F1 car (click to enlarge)
Renault R29 - 2009 F1 car (click to enlarge)

Last week we learned the R29 had failed at least one FIA crash test. Perhaps the failure occurred at the front of the car and the unsightly wing arrangement can be put down to a hasty nose job to get the car ready for launch? Alternatively, F1 Technical has this explanation for how the wing works. What do you think?

More reaction to the R29 here: Renault R29 revealed in Portugal – pictures (2009 F1 car launches)

18 comments on “Is this how the Renault R29 was supposed to look?”

  1. All I know is that it’s one of the worst looking Formula 1 cars I’ve seen in a while, and I quite like the 2009 spec cars.

    However, looks don’t translate to results.

  2. I’d like to think this is some sort of mock-up nose cone, and the proper design will be on the car come Melbourne.

  3. Brought memories of the Forti Ford etc…

  4. Hurrah, a shark fin!

  5. Can’t comment, right now,, cleaning up sick.
    yes Yosu,, I see the Forti Ford in there too (didn’t like that one either).

    These are colors that should be able to look good together, warm tones, why not visit McLaren and just ask their airbrush guys to attach the Renault, but just replace silver with white, yellow, orange, and total red.
    They clearly have no compunction about garishly bright color application (though I do enjoy the McLaren Blaze red/orange with the cool silver and black).

    As for the nose,, here’s hoping it thins down once they properly sort their crash test issues,, go test, wheedle it down, it’ll be fine,,,

  6. The design of the car on the computer render may have been an earlier design or just plainly a mock-up of the new car with the new livery. The Renault had failed its side and rear tests the first time around – the front test was passed. I can’t give you a source to where I found this, but it was reliable.

  7. A bulbous nose to shunt everybody out of the way perhaps…

  8. Maybe there is a James Bond type gun hidden in that HUGE nose.(Q would be proud)

  9. Maybe Renault are putting bits on the car they aren’t planning on running and saving the real stuff for Melbourne.

  10. Look at the rear bodywork on the graphic – it isn’t nearly so bulbous as the real R29. I reckon the picture was intended to show the new livery based on a 2008 car with 2009-spec wing proportions.

  11. Yuk!!!

    The new Renault looks like a Bath Tub covered in Bake Bean juice! Utterly shocking! That must be a mock up front end it looks completely under developed. I prefer the Renault in the unofficial picture. Gastly looking!

    1. Man that is some description!!!! :D

      But you’re right, it is terrible.

      The other cars seem nice and sleek looking but the renault looks awful!

  12. Hmmmm, what have they hidden in that nose? :-)

  13. Renault have a proud tradition in colour schemes – the last good one was about 1983…

  14. Has anyone else noticed that Renault and Toyota are still running the shark fins but no one else is. I’m not too bothered by the look of the Renault at the end of the day its all down to performance over aesthetics.

  15. I don’t beleive the theories that Renault are saving their real nose for Melbourne. Surley such a big change would make the testing they do with a fake nose pointless?

  16. My eyes hurt. Ugh… If I keep staring at that livery, I’ll get a migraine. :(

  17. What’s in that thing? Quite big enough to fit the KERS Batt?

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