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F1 links: New technical rules analysed 20th January 2009, 23:31

The 2009 Technical Regulations Analysed ?ǣ Part 1 Changes To The 2009 Technical Regulations (Part 2) Alianora begins a huge dissection of the 2009 F1 rules – essential reading. It was the biggest challenge since 1982 – Symonds “It?s more extreme than the changes we made in 1994, when we added the plank and cut […]

2009 F1 car comparisons: BMW

BMW’s F1.09 is the last new F1 car we’ll see this month. Here’s a look at the car BMW hope to challenge for the championships with up alongside the other 2009 models.

2009 F1 testing notes: January 20th (pictures and video)

The same six teams were in action today as yesterday, plus BMW who shook down their new F1.09 at Valencia in Spain. Here’s a recap of the day’s activity plus pictures from the 2009 tests so far. Update: video from the test added below.

BMW F1.09 unveiled – pictures (2009 F1 car launches)

BMW’s F1.09 is the car Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld hope will transform their team from race-winners in 2008 to championship-contenders in 2009. Pictures of the BMW F1.09, the sixth 2009 F1 car to get its launch, are below.

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