5 comments on “BMW F1.09 and F1.08”

  1. Thank goodness it’s not as bad looking as the interim car!

  2. Only front wing is ugly, I like the rest quite a lot.

  3. I’m not so sure about it. I find it quite boring to look at. Though I didn’t like last years car that much either.

  4. EAKMotorsports
    20th January 2009, 17:10

    The Beauty and the Beast. Wow I´m gonna miss the F1.08 car is so beauty. Why In the earth all the f1 09 cars are the same. Looks a like the all the engineers did the same school with same mentor.

  5. The new BMW car is just ugly, i hope it will be functional
    and fast on track in addition to it’s design.
    Sorry guys i am all for you!!

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