F1 links: 2011 Indian Grand Prix bid

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

India ‘will host 2011 Grand Prix’

‘Ecclestone insists he and Indian company Jaiprakash Associates Ltd are “fully committed” to the project. “Of course we will deliver… otherwise we wouldn’t have entered into an agreement,” said Ecclestone.’

The financing of Formula 1

“Formula 1 is a big draw but when one analyzes the brand, there are several key elements. The sport is technical, it is international, it has glamour. It has the best drivers, the Monaco Grand Prix and Scuderia Ferrari. Ferrari is the supplier of engines to A1GP and that series could very easily form the basis of a new championship. The words “Grand Prix” are generic and the world of the automobile does not have any specific claim on them.”

What’s up With the BMW Sauber Sponsors?

“Mario Theissen has said all along that the team is in no financial trouble but they do need to fill a few sponsorship spaces on the surprisingly bare F1.09.”

Fifty years ago today Britain lost its first World Champion