Should KERS be put back to 2010? (Poll)

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Ferrari wants the introduction of KERS put back from 2009 to 2010
Ferrari wants the introduction of KERS put back from 2009 to 2010

BMW is under pressure to abandon its opposition to a delay on the introduction of Kinetic Energy Reduction Systems (KERS).

Luca di Montezemolo, Flavio Briatore and John Howett representing Ferrari, Renault and Toyota have all spoken in favour of postponing the introduction of KERS until 2010.

Should KERS be postponed to 2010?

  • Yes (35%)
  • No (59%)
  • No opinion (5%)

Total Voters: 927

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The teams that are opposing the introduction of KERS say it is an unnecessary expense at a time when teams should be reducing costs. Toyota has suggested the development cost for KERS in its first year of use is as much as developing an engine. And few people need convincing of the need to reduce costs at a time when F1 faces starting 2009 with only 18 cars on the grid.

When the Formula 1 Teams Association came to its first agreement on cost reduction with Max Mosley once of the key concessions it obtained was that a standard KERS could be used by all the teams in 2010 ?ǣ eliminating the cost of developing them.

But BMW?s Mario Theissen claims the bulk of the development costs have already been met, so postponing KERS now would waste money that has been spent.

I come down on BMW?s side of the argument ?ǣ and not just for the reason Theissen has cited. F1 has built up a great deal of expectation around its decision to ??go green?. Back-tracking on that promise would send out a terrible message. Ferrari, Toyota and Renault fail to grasp this in their desire to prevent BMW gaining a competitive advantage over them.

What?s your view?

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