Quiz: Can you name that race?

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Mark Webber in the French Grand Prix
Mark Webber in the French Grand Prix

I’ve just finished putting together lap charts for each of the races from 2008 to go into the statistics section. But then I hit upon the idea of turning them into a quiz.

How many of last year’s races can you name by looking at the lap charts? Let anorak battle commence!

Click to enlarge and see each full chart:

Before posting this I couldn’t decide whether it was insanely hard or insultingly easy, but I guess I’ll find out the answer to that in the comments…

Here’s a few hints to get you started:

  • Look at the number of laps and number of drivers
  • Safety car periods are easy to spot
  • Late changes of position are easy to remember
  • Surprisingly, some of the most boring races are among the easiest to spot

Can you name them all? Post your answers below. I’ll upload the finished charts later.

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59 comments on “Quiz: Can you name that race?”

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  1. Schumi the greates
    27th January 2009, 12:46

    Im not going to even attempt it

  2. Not the best thing i’d waste my time on.. :)

  3. Absolutely love this idea for a quiz! Awesome work!

  4. Just to check I’m looking at it right… I guess the top line is first place and the bottom line is last place?

    Not sure I’ll work it all out, but I’ll try and spot some of the more obvious races.

    1. Yes, that’s right – top line is P1, second P2, etc…

  5. incredibly difficult to do when all lines are black…

  6. 02 is Hungary, I think.

    1. I think that one is Belgium.

    2. Could well be actually, I was looking at the leader at the end stopping and thinking of Massa’s engine, but the start looks a bit too busy.

      Tricky aint it!

    3. Didn’t Kimi stop near the end too? ;)

    4. I think spa too. Cant be bothered with any others.

  7. Gah, I looked at this and thought best not to get involved in this but it is too hard to resist!!

    Is 06 Brazil?

  8. Is 06 Brazil??

    I was looking for that and Spa as I thought they’d be really obvious ones…

    1. No, 06 is Spain

  9. 11 is Monaco.

  10. 08 – Silverstone
    09 – Hungary

    1. I’d guess 08 is Fuji.

  11. I think Brazil is 03.

  12. Haha Keith! Not even going to attempt this. Good luck to everyone who does :D

  13. 01 has to be Singapore. :D

    And 14 is Britain.

  14. 10 is easy. 2 I’m pretty certain with. Haven’t really looked at the rest enough.

  15. So, how’s that?

    1 Singapore
    2 Spa
    3 Interlagos
    4 Shanghai
    5 Magny Cours
    6 Barcelona
    7 Sepang
    8 Fuji
    9 Budapest
    10 Melbourne
    11 Monaco
    12 Bahrain
    13 Monza
    14 Silverstone
    15 Istanbul
    16 Hockenheim
    17 Montréal
    18 Valencia

    I think there’s a small mistake with lap count in the Sepang lap chart….

    1. Ah, the first person to try to name all 18! I’ll wait until a few more have posted before listing the answers…

    2. Looks about right, Steffen. :D

    3. Exactly! I got the same answers.

    4. Did you use any outside sources? I got the same answers without any and I’m just wondering. This is to Steffen.

  16. I think this is the most anoraky thing i’ve ever seen… it’s awesome.

    I don’t think I could name any, but number 10 had a sweet first-lap accident.

    1. I think this is the most anoraky thing i’ve ever seen

      …a new slogan is born!

  17. My answers are the same as Steffen’s (honest)

    Is the lap chart for Turkey wrong? I’m sure Hamilton finished second in that one and his line (the one with the extra stop) finishes in third.

    Good idea for a quiz – although it is likely to appeal only to geeks like me.

    1. Nope, it looks right. Lewis’ extra stop was in the middle of the race. Kimi was the last of the frontrunners to stop, and he came out behind Lewis.

  18. 1 – Singapore
    2 – Spa
    9 – Hungry
    10 – Australia

  19. Think just a lap chart is too hard to guess, maybe a in words would be easlier and more interesting. Such as just describing how 2 drivers overtake and each other with a backmarker..

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