Quiz: Can you name that race?

Mark Webber in the French Grand Prix

Mark Webber in the French Grand Prix

I’ve just finished putting together lap charts for each of the races from 2008 to go into the statistics section. But then I hit upon the idea of turning them into a quiz.

How many of last year’s races can you name by looking at the lap charts? Let anorak battle commence!

Click to enlarge and see each full chart:

Before posting this I couldn’t decide whether it was insanely hard or insultingly easy, but I guess I’ll find out the answer to that in the comments…

Here’s a few hints to get you started:

  • Look at the number of laps and number of drivers
  • Safety car periods are easy to spot
  • Late changes of position are easy to remember
  • Surprisingly, some of the most boring races are among the easiest to spot

Can you name them all? Post your answers below. I’ll upload the finished charts later.

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59 comments on Quiz: Can you name that race?

  1. DanielPT said on 27th January 2009, 17:46

    Actually is the same thing as Steffen, only i change Valencia with Sepang, so i would say Sepang is 18.

  2. Christian said on 27th January 2009, 18:07

    1 Singapore
    2 Spa
    3 Interlagos
    4 Shanghai
    5 Magny Cours
    6 Barcelona
    7 Sepang
    8 Fuji
    9 Budapest
    10 Melbourne
    11 Monaco
    12 Bahrain
    13 Monza
    14 Silverstone
    15 Istanbul
    16 Hockenheim
    17 Montréal
    18 Valencia

  3. there is an easy way to do this, if you’ve got the 2008 F1 season review they have charts just like this, just use that. I wont, to me its a waste of time though, but good work all the same ;)

    • Pedro Andrade said on 27th January 2009, 20:51

      Easier still is to count the laps in each graph, as most races have a different number of laps. But it’s more fun to see the patterns! :)

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 27th January 2009, 21:32

      If you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself :-)

    • patrickl said on 28th January 2009, 1:44

      Actually these lap charts are also available on the offical F1 site live timing archive.

      Personally I took the results, counted the numbers of drivers who were a lap down (and 2 down etc) and searched the chart that matched. Wich is how I found that no chart matches the Malaysian race. It’s similar to chart 7, but not exactly the same.

  4. lol lol lol, this is insanely great, F1Fanatics indeed. Oh and no I can’t name any lol…

  5. think 3 is brazil see 6 place vettel and over takes ham into 5 then both overtake glock who was 4th

    and one of the boring ones is valencia

  6. Chalky said on 28th January 2009, 8:56

    Hungary was the easiest to pick out.
    Just find the chart when the lead car stopped 3 laps from the end.

  7. 1. singapore
    2. spa
    3. Brazil
    Are very easy to spot

    4. China ( from the 2-3 interchange at the end of the race)
    5. France ( from 1-2 interchange mid-way
    6. Spain ( not too sure)
    7. Malaysia ( no.2’s retirement mid-way)

    8. Japan
    9. Hungary
    10. Australia
    11. Monaco (Sutil’s retirement)
    Are very easy to spot
    12. Baharin (not too sure)

    13. Italy ( question: where is bourdias’ engine stall on that chart ( no sign of 2-20 slide)
    14. Britain ( little tricky; 3 cars on lead lap)
    15. Turkey ( not too sure)
    16. Germany
    17. Canada
    18. Valenica ( not too sure)

  8. Now I’m starting to understand why the website is calledf1FANATIC!! Have fun, I’m not even going to try:)

  9. 1 is singapore
    2 is belgium
    3 is brazil
    4 is china
    5 is france
    6 is spain

    ..and thats as much time as I have :(

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