2009 F1 cars: Hot or not? (Poll & Video)

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Ferrari were the first launch to launch their 2009 F1 car
Ferrari were the first launch to launch their 2009 F1 car

There’s been a huge amount of fuss over the looks of the 2009 F1 cars. Do you welcome the return to smooth sidepods? Do the wings still look out of proportion to you? Cast your vote below…

The 2009 F1 cars are...

  • Hideous abominations (6%)
  • Pretty ugly (22%)
  • Alright (25%)
  • Not bad looking (34%)
  • Beautiful (14%)

Total Voters: 1,246

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When I first saw the early drawings of 2009-style F1 cars and particularly the interim car BMW ran in pre-2009 testing, I was very worried.

I thought the wide, low front wing and narrow, tall rear wing were totally out of propotion with each other. And that impression hasn’t changed after seeing six of the 2009 cars hit the track.

I do like the clean shape of the side of the cars, though – particularly cars like the McLaren which haven’t got side pod wings like the Toyota. Charlie Whiting carefully dodged the question of whether the rules were supposed to outlaw these flow conditioners:

We write the rules to enable the teams to design cars as close as possible to the technical spec. They’ve been working in areas they hadn’t previously been trying to work in, so there’s not much we can do about that. I’m confident we’ve achieved a fairly significant reduction in downforce, but that’s not the critical thing: the critical thing is the effects. As long as we have the effects, we should be okay.

I think it’s pretty clear the intention was to get rid of them, but some teams have exploited a gap in the regulations in order to construct them. These teams aren’t doing anything wrong of course, but it goes to show that a fast car isn’t necessarily an aesthetically appealing one.

And according to Mark Webber, we haven’t seen the best looking car of 2009 yet

All these changes have been made in the name of allowing the cars to race each other more closely and if that proves to be the case then I’ll like the cars a lot more. I do think they’re easier to enjoy in motion – particularly when you see how much of a handful they are for the drivers. Here’s some video from testing last week:

More pictures and video of the 2009 F1 cars