F1 links: Concern over diffusers

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Teams to seek diffuser clarification

“The diffusers at the rear of the Williams FW31 and the Toyota TF109 appear to exceed the maximum height of 175 mm at their peak through clever aerodynamic shaping of the rear crash structure. Although both teams are confident that their designs are within the regulations, rivals outfits have expressed curiosity in the way their diffusers have been shaped – especially because it could give them an advantage in slow speed corners.”

Deadline? What deadline?

“The signs are increasingly suggesting that Honda is working on a management buyout of the Honda Racing F1 team and that the end of January deadline for completing the deal is really not that important as a result. If the intention exists for this to happen, and it seems to be the best option open to Honda, the completion of the paperwork is not the key issue.”

Toyota: KERS detrimental on most tracks

Pascal Vasselon: ??I would say we can have a ranking of circuits where the KERS will be more or less detrimental. At the moment our estimation is that KERS will be detrimental on almost all circuits, because of the weight and the difficulty to manage braking.

F1 legend Murray Walker: ‘I’m coming back!’

??We took a cake over to Monaco ?ǣ I got all the team owners, including Bernie Ecclestone, Jackie Oliver, Ron Dennis and Frank Williams ?ǣ to stand behind the cake. I told them to say ??Happy Birthday Grand Prix? after I?d done my piece to camera. We did the rehearsal and everything went fine, but I noticed Bernie Ecclestone was muttering something to the rest of the owners. So I said my piece to camera, and right on cue, they all shouted back ??B*ll*cks!??

A Grand Prix in Rome??seriously?

“According to Gazzetta, Flammini almost got a race in Rome off the ground in 1984 but it fell apart at the planning stage. This time around he?s more optimistic because he has a strong relationship with the current mayor of Rome, although the mayor is reported to have winked when asked by reporters if this was really going to happen.”

French parliament halts GP proposal

“The French parliament has decided not to allow the express authorization of a Formula One circuit at Yvelines. The amendment that would allow a quick handling of the procedure was voted and approved by the senate last Friday but now removed.”