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Kimi R??ikk??nen at the Arctic Lapland Rally

Video and photos of Kimi Raikkonen in the Arctic Lapland rally.

Technical Briefing With Charlie Whiting

Charlie Whiting explains the 2009 rules. But don’t be surprised if he suddenly changes his mind about them…

I hope India hosts F1 race by 2011: Karthikeyan

‘”It is just possible. Now that Bernie Ecclestone has said it is possible, I just hope it happens,” Karthikeyan, who was here to promote safe driving, told reporters. The first Indian to drive in Formula One, Karthikeyan had last month expressed reservations whether “anyone would invest in the project” during the current economic crisis’

Suggesting a Successor

“Many might consider Alex too young for the post – I say we have let the old farts control the sport for too long and it is time to give the young a chance. Doubts could be expressed on his ability to handle the political side but who better to clean up the FIA’s act than someone who has made clear his dislike of political manoeuvrings? Some would say that Alex is too nice a guy to run such a show but I suggest that the sport has been damaged enough by the antics of the bad guys.” Clive puts a case for Alexander Wurz as FIA president.

Is Nick Heidfeld Championship Material?

“I happen to like Nick Heidfeld as a driver. He has been with the team since the beginning and has improved himself at the same pace as the team has improved. Apart from his tire issues that I thought the media blew completely out of proportion, he can be a serious threat.”

Another disgraceful judgement which puts the future of British motor sport at risk

“The depressing fact is, Croft is far from being the first circuit to have its activities cut in this way. Many British racing circuits have to comply with onerous noise restrictions purely because housing developments have encroached on the surrounding land. Brands Hatch hardly ever uses its full length Grand Prix circuit because of houses nearby. Even 87 year-old Monza in Ferrari-mad Italy cannot escape the restrictions.”

Hornby enjoys bumper Christmas on late sales

“Best-sellers included Lewis Hamilton and James Bond Quantum of Solace Scalextric.”

3 comments on “F1 links: Raikkonen rally video”

  1. That Kimi in Rally video was awesome. Would be intresting see Hamilton, Alonso, Massa and Kimi in that rally lol.

    Well that would not be fair i know. We grow up by driving in snow. But according finnish news papers, Kimi did brilliant job in Rally. Its complete different world compare F1. And easiest part is not that you are not alone in car, you have to listen your co-driver.

    1. I would have thought having to actively listen to someone belt out somewhat imperative directions, whilst driving a road car like a lunatic, for a whole rally, would be much harder than driving a very fast car yourself and memorising a track with laps?

      I wonder how often rally drivers blame their co-driver for things that go wrong. Or how many co-drivers throw a strop because they weren’t listened to…

    2. So Kimi’s good in snow cos where he grew up it snowed a lot….

      That explains why both Button and Hamilton are good in the rain then…they grew up in England!!

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