Hamilton is top F1 driver on Facebook – but Valentino Rossi thrashes them all

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Valentino Rossi has a Facebook fanbase to dwarf every F1 driver's
Valentino Rossi has a Facebook fanbase to dwarf every F1 driver's

For all the stick Lewis Hamilton gets on the internet, he’s not short of a fan or two as these stats from Facebook show.

But Hamilton would lose his status as most popular F1 driver on Facebook immeditaely if Valentino Rossi’s much-rumoured switch to Ferrari came true…

F1 driver popularity on Facebook (click to enlarge)
F1 driver popularity on Facebook (click to enlarge)
Driver Facebook fans Percentage
Lewis Hamilton 326,022 59.54
Fernando Alonso 68,628 12.53
Felipe Massa 57,787 10.55
Kimi Raikkonen 38,549 7.04
Robert Kubica 12,768 2.33
Sebastian Vettel 12,718 2.32
Jenson Button 6,304 1.15
Timo Glock 3,927 0.72
Mark Webber 3,471 0.63
David Coulthard 3,309 0.60
Heikki Kovalainen 2,489 0.45
Nico Rosberg 2,466 0.45
Sebastien Bourdais 2,359 0.43
Jarno Trulli 2,243 0.41
Nelson Piquet Jnr 1,207 0.22
Nick Heidfeld 954 0.17
Rubens Barrichello 753 0.14
Giancarlo Fisichella 663 0.12
Adrian Sutil 457 0.08
Takuma Sato 284 0.05
Kazuki Nakajima 179 0.03
Anthony Davidson 0 0.00

Lewis Hamilton has more fans on Facebook than all the other drivers who participated in 2008 put together. In fact, none of the other drivers have more fans than Ayrton Senna (158,669) or Michael Schumacher (171,033).

But another motor racing star makes Hamilton’s total seem paltry by comparison: Valentino Rossi, who is heading for the one million mark with 923,552 fans.

A quick way for Hamilton to make up the ground to Rossi would be to successfully land an airliner on the Hudson river. That propelled Captain C.B. Sully Sullenberger 536,579 fans in a matter of days.

Poor Anthony Davidson doesn’t seem to have a fan page. And I assume Facebook isn’t very popular in Japan, as Takuma Sato and Kazuki Nakajima have fewer fans than F1 Fanatic does.

To put the whole list into perspective, the Facebook user with the most fans is Barack Obama, with 4,721,908 supporters. None of the F1 drivers are more popular than cult ’80s kids TV show Thundercats.

This post is just intended as a bit of fun – not a serious study of which F1 drier has the most fans! I’ve no idea how big Facebook is in Fernando Alonso or Kimi Raikkonen’s home countries, which could explain why they haven’t got as many votes as their fellow world champion.

When we did a poll of the most popular drivers among F1 Fanatic readers Robert Kubica won by miles thanks to a massive influx of voters from Poland.

Are you a fan of any F1 drivers or teams on Facebook? Which ones?

Join F1 Fanatic on Facebook here: F1 Fanatic Facebook Group. We only need 28 more recruits to beat Adrian Sutil!

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  1. Coming soon : “How to create a popular facebook fan page for yourself” by Sumedh
    Chapter 1: How to win a world championship
    Chapter 2: How to land a plan on Hudson river
    Chapter 3: How to win US elections

    :P :D :P :D :P :D

  2. I laughed out loud at Keith’s post about Glock. Too bad – I actually like him.

    In IndyCars, it looks like Danica Patrick has about 6,700 fans.

  3. Nigel Mansell has over 2750 fans on facebook! He is a legend!!!

  4. i personally think i should be allowed to dislike hamilton as much as i like, we share the same surname and it causes me no end of shameful jokes. i think you’re right, his character has extended beyond f1, positively and negatively.

    as a gimmick he serves very well. however, the way he keeps ‘improving’ only time will tell how he turns out as an actual driver.

    I’m torn between nice guys like Button who just can’t get a break, and sly champions such as Schumacher, I guess the days of genuine all round technically astute drivers and nice guy champions such as Senna, are well and truly over.

  5. Lewis has added another 5,892 friends to Facebook since this post. But of course, according to some, this is despite him being a “gimmick”, not being a “nice guy” and the fans not being “accurate”!

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