Toyota test the TF109 (Video)

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Toyota has issued some video of the first test of its 2009 F1 car, the TF109, at Algarve Motor Park. There is a high quality playback option on the video above. Annoyingly, they seem to have added audio over certain portions of the video…

2009 F1 testing

6 comments on “Toyota test the TF109 (Video)”

  1. some quite remarkable footage. thank you keith.

  2. Is it me, or does the engine sound a bit dull now the rev limit is at 18,000 rpm? It could be my ears though…

    I wish their was no rev limit.

  3. jeez timo, talk about cutting chicanes on that out lap =P

    all this talk about the ’09 cars looking weird and/or ugly is complete rubbish, at speed on the track they look great.

    1. the FIA should penalise him for that.

  4. Seconded. The cars look pretty cool. Very imposing from the front.

  5. For a moment there I wondered if the engine sound was not that of the motorbike moving around the car doing the filming…

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