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F1 links: Donington Park funding concern 1st February 2009, 23:38

British Grand Prix still awaiting green light Concern over Donington Park’s funding. Teddy Mayer 1935-2009 “Edward Everett “Teddy” Mayer died at his home in England on Friday, at the age of 73. He is survived by a son, Tim, and a daughter, Anne” anotherf1podcast A new F1 podcast. Button facing the end of his Formula […]

2008 Formula 1 race statistics – and those quiz answers in full…

Congratulations to Steffen, who was not only the first person to correctly identify all of the 2008 F1 season lap charts, but he also corrected one of them as well… All the finished lap charts in full are below – including Steffen’s correction of course!

Top 10 F1 Fanatic posts – January 2009

It’s been all about car launches this month with Ferrari, McLaren, Toyota, Renault BMW and Williams pulling the covers off their 2009 challengers. And so it’s been a gigantically busy month on F1 Fanatic with over 380% more visitors and traffic than this time last year. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to have a […]

F1 links: Brabhams and the BBC

Speaking of the BT49… “I consider the Brabham BT49 to be better than any Lotus ever produced. Nothing before or since has been so pure, elegant and satisfying to the eye as the BT49.” Clive reacting to a comment on F1 Fanatic. The Top Formula One Driver on Facebook “And how do Nascar drivers compare? […]

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