F1 links: Mosley’s “unusually stupid” remark

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FIA president Max Mosley to stand for re-election

‘He said he expected “six or seven” people to enter the race, although Sir Fred Goodwin will not be one of them. The former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive was linked with the role, but Mosley scotched that rumour. “Last week Sir Fred called me to say it was all nonsense. He was obviously rather embarrassed,” Mosley said. “The interesting thing is where it could have come from. It has to be someone with some kind of connection to F1. He’s got to have some connection with Scotland. He’s got to have no understanding of how F1 or the FIA work, and he has to be unusually stupid. There’s at least one person who ticks all those boxes.”‘

Mosley expects 12 F1 teams in 2010

‘Mosley admitted the governing body had been approached by the American group looking to enter Formula One as USF1. The FIA boss said the team are to be taken seriously. “Yes, they have,” Mosley said when asked if the team had approached the FIA. “They are serious people but they are the same as everyone else, they need the costs to come down if they are to be competitive. “They are recommended by Nick Craw, our man in the States who knows a lot of people. You have to take it seriously.”‘

Mosley future depends on F1 overhaul

“I spend all day long trying to solve other people’s problems and in effect stop people going bust and making them money, and in return get roundly abused, do I really want to do this?”

Max Mosley tempted to stand for re-election

‘Asked if he was tempted to run again, Mosley said: ??Yes. If a lot of people say to you, ??You should stay,? it?s churlish in a way not to. People have indicated they want to go on with the status quo and that is pretty widespread. That is nice and flattering, but I?ve got to ask myself if that?s what I really want to do.??’

Financial Times to axe sports coverage and cut page count

No more F1 in the FT?

Plunging sales put Toyota on road to worst results in 70-year history

“Toyota will report the worst annual results in its 70-year history tomorrow amid a collapse in sales in virtually every market.”

Schuey on Ferrari?s testing plans

“Imagine being Sebastien Buemi, the only rookie this season. When Jacques Villenueve was a rookie in 1996 he did something like 20,000 miles of testing before his first race. I remember talking to him at a test a few weeks befpre the first race and he felt like he?d already done a season! Buemi is right in at the deep end.”

Formula One?s forgotten heroes – Francois Cevert

“And with the Tyrrell back to their championship-winning form, the timing worked perfectly for Cevert, who clinched his first podium, his first fastest lap and his first win that year, firmly establishing himself in Formula One?s top flight. The podium was a second place behind Stewart after starting seventh at the French Grand Prix; the fastest lap was around the original, treacherous Nurburgring, where he was also runner-up to his team mate; and the win was at the season finale at Watkins Glen in the US. He finished third overall in the drivers? championship behind Stewart and Ronnie Peterson.”

ITV apologises after cameras miss only goal in Merseyside derby

Pure schadenfraude for a Formula 1 fan like myself who put up with ITV missing the title-deciding moment in 1998, the thrilling end to the 2005 San Marino Grand Prix, and loads of other F1 action.

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