2009 F1 testing: February 10th (Update: video and pictures added)

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Felipe Massa testing the Ferrari F60 in Bahrain today
Felipe Massa testing the Ferrari F60 in Bahrain today

Now the run-up to the 2009 F1 season really gets under way, with major tests on three of the next four weeks. After the launch of Red Bull’s RB5 yesterday there are now seven new F1 cars in action.

The first of those starts today with F1 teams running in Jerez and Bahrain. Follow today’s F1 testing below.

Who’s testing where

Bahrain International Circuit

Ferrari and Toyota are continuing their practice from past years of heading out of Europe to do their F1 testing. BMW will be joining them too in reaping the benefits of what should be a warmer, drier climate. And with fewer cars on track, less chance of red flags interrupting the running.

Felipe Massa will begin testing for Ferrari and do the first two day’s running before Kimi Raikkonen takes over. According to the team the F60 will be running with revised front and rear wings.

Jerez, Spain

Most of the remaining teams are at the former F1 venue of Jerez. They include Red Bull, McLaren, Williams, Toro Rosso and Renault.

Mark Webber is supposed to be driving the RB5 for the first time tomorrow (Wednesday 11th), but still seemed to be limping at the new car’s launch yesterday.

Follow testing here as it happens

You can post updates on testing as it happens below and share files on the F1 Fanatic drop.io.

Video from today’s test

Pictures from today’s test

Images (C) Ferrari spa

2009 F1 testing

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  1. I’ve just posted some video from the Jerez test above – looks like Piquet had a spin! Also the session was briefly interrupted by rain.

  2. Small differences I notice!
    For sure the times in Bahrain :)

    Would be great if it’s a real measure.

  3. When Nelson spun did you see those flat spots? They’re going to be really easy to see this year if drivers lock the brakes up.

    1. Blistering’s usually much easier to spot on slicks as well.

  4. your welcome! maybe this year is going to be very competitive! I hope so!

  5. Any idea what the extension is on top of the Ferrari?

    1. It’s something they use for monitoring telemetry I think, an enhanced version of the systems they use on Grand Prix weekends.

    2. Fancy. I noticed a shorter model on top of the McLaren’s airbox too. It’s great to see the cars in action.

      Piquet had a nice spin at that oh-so-very-famous hairpin. 1997 seems like only yesterday.

  6. The “extension” on top of the Ferrari is a pitot tube, it measures air pressure, they use it to test and confirm aero configurations

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