HD channel to show F1 in Australia

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Australians are to get a new dedicated sports channel that could show Formula 1 in HD.

ONE, a new channel launched by Network Ten, promises “live and extended coverage of the Formula 1 ING Australian Grand Prix over the launch weekend with more than 22 hours of action across Friday, Saturday and Sunday.” Few other Grands Prix broadcast at anything like normal hours for Australian fans.

The channel will broadcast both in high definition and standard definition, but has not annuounced that F1 will be broadcast in HD.

Earlier this year director of BBC Sport Roger Mosey confirmed the BBC would not be screening F1 in HD. He said: “F1 won?t be available in HD though we?d very much like it to be.” As BBC has HD broadcasting capabilities, this seems to suggest the obstacle to F1 appearing in HD is FOM.

Australia’s readiness to broadcast F1 in HD could be good news for F1 fans in other countries, as it gives Bernie Ecclestone a greater incentive to offer high definition footage.

Rival motor racing series such as NASCAR and A1 Grand Prix are already broadcast in HD, NASCAR having adopted the technology in 2005.

Are you an F1 fan in Australia? What does this new channel mean for you?

Thanks to Terry Fabulous for the tip

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  1. Hi, having watched F1 for over 20 yrs (in Aust), I found I had to resort to all sorts of things to watch F1 at a decent hour. I was most dissapointed that I still had to wait until some ungodly hour (as late as 1.15am Sun) to watch Qualifying. I had been getting the live screen times from Formula.1.com and that helped but it wasn’t the same. A friend in Canada put me onto Sopcast which is a free internet tv service. For the most part, I got coverage of Qualy and the Race in English using the exact same pictures as Channel 10. Then In Sept last year I got myself a new computer and included a HD TV tuner card so I can now watch any and all F1 on Channel 10s new HD Channel. Looking forward to the new season to see how the new regulations come into play as far as overtaking is concerned (seems to be the main resason for the changes). Thanks.

  2. Lewis Malivanek
    19th February 2009, 9:36

    Channel 10, unlike the other FTA channel in Australia, have done an excellent job in the past at promoting sport, whatever in seems to be, and no doubt sets the benchmark in motorsports. 10HD had excellent coverage of the F1 season last year (the live feed coming directly from ITV), however I was disappointed to see that the races were not screened in HD. For this channel to live up to its hype on motorsport, they must show the F1 in HD – the way it should be shown!

    However, now that the BBC have taken over F1 rights in Britain, I hope they can form a quality commentary team like that of ITV. Its good news to hear that Martin Brundle will continue to commentate.

  3. teamorders: are you on heavy medication?

    Channel Ten are scum and treat F1 with contempt.

    They have quite good Australian GP coverage, and then the rest of the year – bumped schedules, hardly ever show the races live, 5 advert breaks in the last half hour, qualifying at 3 o’clock in the morning …

    and no, Channel Ten don’t have the same ad breaks as everywhere else. ITV learnt from their mistakes and tried to get as many contractual ad breaks in during the half to 2/3’rds of a race. Channel Ten contrived, every time without fail, to get in as many ad breaks as possible in the last half hour of a GP – the same as they do for movies.

    It’s common practice for Channel Ten to follow the majority of a safety car period live, just to cut to an add break as the race is re-starting or just a lap in!

    Why would you do this?! Unless you were a complete A*sHo*e!

  4. Bob where are you and do you have a digital HD TV or set-top box?

    In Sydney, 10HD showed all races live in 2008 since Turkey (I think it start at Turkey). The race is heavily time shifted on 10SD and I assume the analogue channel. Qualifying has always been time shifted.

    It would be totally awesome if this ONE thing has everything live and GP2 would be really cool too.

    I send 10 a nice thankyou letter if they show everything live and I buy any product advertised in their (short) ad breaks.

  5. CH 10 don’t broadcast anything on the HD channel outside the major cities. maybe neighbours or some junk but other than that it is HD “DEMO” 24hrs a day so i share BOb’s frustration with 10. even if you have the HD channel if your in a regional area at least in victoria you have to watch delayed telecast on SD or analogue tis rubbish and needs to be sorted out by 10

  6. i dont care whether we get high def broadcasting or not, i would just like to get some decent bludy coverage from channel 10 and now there is no live streaming for us aussies on the net available we are going to be stuck with 75% of the race coverage as usual due to all the editing channel ten does!

  7. As said by someone above, F1 is NOT recorded in High Definition.

    Bernie Ecclestone commented on this last year. He basically said something along the lines of that he would love F1 to be broadcast in HD, but the sticking point was the broadcasters, who as at late last year, were unwilling to pay the extra satellite bandwidth costs required to distribute F1 in HD.

    So it doesn’t matter if its broadcast in HD, it isn’t HD.

    On another note, if Ten don’t cover this live nationwide, I am going to do something very very desperate.

  8. Formula 1 in High Def??? OUTRAGEOUS!

    In Australia coverage of F1 has always been the poor cousin of any other sports (including lawn bowls). Last season the standard def broadcasts chopped off the post race inverviews. This really grinds my gears as the coverage was on so late that I would go to bed assuming I would see it the next day and bam..nothing.

    When they started showing the races live on the digital chan this was a surprising step in the right direction as it also included a chan10 produced pre race wrap.

    I have never understood that the second biggest sport in the world was so poorly covered but in reality I would watch it in black and white if i had to..its f1 for gods sake!

    I am so pumped for the full coverage, maybe we will be in for a good season of proper coverage. I’ll watch more chan10 if its good!

    1. So typhical australian business…talk a lot..means nothing.

      That so amazing new HD tv sport channel, Channel one is brilliant. Channel 10 just “forgot” tell that its not really channel for everybody in Australia. You can watch it only in capital cities, means Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra.

      So we who live out from those big cities, can enjoy watching F1 still from so called normal Channel 10, which means no live cover.

      Excample China Grand prix will show here in 11.15 PM!!!!!

      I am really planning move back to Finland :(

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