F1 links: James Allen on BBC’s F1 plans

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A look at the BBC’s F1 TV plans

James Allen on BBC's coverage: "Because of the way the F1 TV package is sold to sponsors I imagine that the world feed will still be the dominant element in the split screen, on which you will be able to watch these other features. I’d be very surprised if you could watch on-boards full screen, for example."

The 2009 Formula One season on the BBC

Official blog from BBC Director of Sport Roger Mosey

The Chain is back as F1 theme and Murray loves it

'The 85-year-old presenter raised his hands and started to clap in time with Fleetwood Mac's beat, exclaiming "Yes, yes, yes!"'

Visualising the aerodynamic rules of 2009

Excellent and very detailed look at the technical changes for 2009.

Jackie Stewart clings on to £4m role as RBS ‘global ambassador’ as bank prepares to axe 30,000 jobs

"The former Formula One triple world champion is keen to cling on to his lucrative contract despite RBS being about to axe 30,000 jobs and announce losses of £28billion, the biggest in UK corporate history."

The Weekly Grapevine

"Could Bernie Ecclestone's insistence that the Australian Grand Prix start as late as possible to enable European fans to indulge in an extra hour's shuteye on race day morning, thereby increasing TV rating, be costing Melbourne's taxpayers an additional AUS$10m (£4.5m) in expected losses?" (subscription required)

A1GP boss still considering F1 move

A1GP boss Tony Teixeira: "The only reason we want an F1 team is for the winners of A1 to go to F1. But, because of the times, I cannot commit myself to this year's budget."


"Today ist the 1st anniversary of Paul Frére’s passing and what better way to remember the Belgian, than a snapshot from one of his 11 Grands Prix starts."

Updated configuration for the F60 in following tests – Costa

Ferrari's Aldo Costa: "We used a standard configuration for the aerodynamics here in Bahrain, with just some minor updates. The complete one we'll see at the next tests in Jerez and Barcelona."

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