Brawn Racing? Surely not…

The F1 world is waiting to discover whether Honda’s team will make it onto the grid next year.

Becken has unearthed an interesting detail potentially revealing the name of the new team as Brawn Racing:

There?s an interesting history regarding an internet domain registered by a lawyer named Caroline McGrory (former BAR employee!). She taken two names:


Here, the data concerning the domain register:


Registrant: Caroline McGrory
28 The Hall Close
Cv22 6NP

Domain name:

Created on: 2009-02-25
Expires on: 2011-02-25

Is this the new identity of the team formerly known as Honda? Or someone taking a punt on what the team will be called, and pre-emptively registering the domain name in the hope of making some quick cash? Answers in the comments…

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67 comments on Brawn Racing? Surely not…

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  1. I thought Cybersquatting has been outlawed?

    Hopefully we’ll know for sure soon enough, there’s too many names and monikers to keep with!

  2. Martin Brown said on 28th February 2009, 11:17

    I looked at the latest info available on Honda GP Holdings Ltd, and Ms Caroline McGrory is indeed the company secretary (and therefore a registered director) for Honda GP and a few other companies connected to Honda such as Advantage CFD Ltd and Application Electronics Ltd.

    She has also been a director for Honda GP Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda GP Holdings Ltd….

    Looks like you may be right!!!

  3. Robert McKay said on 28th February 2009, 11:18

    I’ve read previously that it was going to be called “Brackely F1″.

    No offence to either Brawn Racing or Brackley F1 but neither really conjours up much excitement in me…keep trying!

  4. Either Brawn Racing or Brackley F1 suits me. Not the most provocative of names, but neither was Tyrrell or Williams when they first started out.

  5. Robert McKay said on 28th February 2009, 12:22

    “Either Brawn Racing or Brackley F1 suits me. Not the most provocative of names, but neither was Tyrrell or Williams when they first started out.”

    Fair point, well made.

  6. Pete Walker said on 28th February 2009, 12:37

    I still think the best option (if you want something emotive) would be giving a nod to the factory’s roots and calling the team Tyrrell.

    Perhaps in this climate having a team name with a bit of prestige and heritage would help grease the wheels with potential sponsors?

    Seems unlikely though, so given the choice of Brawn and Brackley, I’d say the latter sounds better.

  7. I don’t like either name. Surely they can come up with something a bit more exciting than BRAWN RACING

  8. I’d say this sound like a risky but I suppose confident strategy by Ross and hopefully it works out well…

  9. Rob Bloor said on 28th February 2009, 12:59

    I’m not too keen on Brawn Racing either. It just seems a bit un-imaginitive.

    Maybe they should run a competition to come up with a better name? Same for the colour schemes? Use the money from text voting to put fuel in the cars…

  10. Daniel said on 28th February 2009, 13:33

    Look at this..

    created: 05-Dec-2008
    last-changed: 05-Dec-2008
    registration-expiration: 05-Dec-2009

    registrant-firstname: Louise
    registrant-lastname: Reavil

    looked up Louise and her facebook network is the Virgin Group..

  11. Now they just need some sponsors…
    Brains brewery, sponsors of last year’s Grand Slam winning rugby team?
    or Braun shavers:

  12. It’s only right that they return to Tyrrell. I only started watching f1 in 1997 during the final 2 years of this iconic name but i would love to see the Tyrrell name revived. I think many f1 fans who remember the old days and recognise the history of the team will support this idea. It would be good with potential sponsors backing the return of an icon with Ross Brawn in charge. Maybe in a few years they could return to the glory years when Jackie was winning with them. Who wouldn’t want that (other than Bernie + max of course).

  13. Somers said on 28th February 2009, 14:39

    All I think of when I hear that name is Shaving LOL. Frankly I don’t care what their called as long as my team survives :D

    • ChickenMcNuggets said on 28th February 2009, 18:31

      Well, they’ll have to revive the Tyrrell name quickly, otherwise the only real association most of us will have with that name in future will be the crisps. ;)

  14. So desu said on 28th February 2009, 15:22

    Haha, I just wrote on another site that I think names like Force India and USF1 are lame and how I think Mallya should have, in classic fashion, called the team Mallya. So I’d be happy with Brawn Racing. People have short memories and I think the name Ross Brawn currently has way more prestige than Tyrrell. Plus I assume someone owns the rights to the Tyrrell brand and it may not be that simple. Although to be fair, registering domains is one of the first things you do when setting up new brands. The fact that Virgin Racing AND Brawn Racing both have been registered really says it all. We still don’t have a clue.

  15. glamourBob said on 28th February 2009, 15:26

    @Pete Walker, the now ‘Honda’ team in truth had very little to do with Tyrrell. BAR bought the team more or less just for its entry into F1.

    Tyrrell was based in Ockham, made their own cars, Ford engines etc. BAR was based in Brackley, cars made by Reynard, engines were Supertech.

    BAR bought out the company Tyrrell and therefore it’s F1 entry, but that was about it. In reality, almost totally different entities.

    • Pete Walker said on 28th February 2009, 16:18

      Ah, my mistake, I thought BAR took over the manufacturing facilities as well as the entry. Cheers for clearing that up. :)

      I suppose in essence then the link with Tyrrell is really quite tenuous, but I still think it beats Brawn.

      Maybe if they pull through at this late stage of the game ‘Phoenix’ might be a suitable name. :)

    • glamourBob said on 28th February 2009, 17:17

      Pheonix F1. I Like it! Good name.

  16. Tengil said on 28th February 2009, 15:35

    TBA Racing sounds good to me :) That’s what it’s called in my head anyway.

  17. Robert McKay said on 28th February 2009, 16:12

    I quite liked the suggestion of someone on another forum of EuroBrawn, a nice pastiche of EuroBrun :-D

  18. Somers said on 28th February 2009, 17:28

    LOL the domain squatters are about, somebody has bought and .com

  19. formula 1 fan said on 28th February 2009, 17:51

    the name brawn racing reminds me fo the old saying – no brains all brawn

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