Brawn Racing? Surely not…

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The F1 world is waiting to discover whether Honda’s team will make it onto the grid next year.

Becken has unearthed an interesting detail potentially revealing the name of the new team as Brawn Racing:

There?s an interesting history regarding an internet domain registered by a lawyer named Caroline McGrory (former BAR employee!). She taken two names:


Here, the data concerning the domain register:


Registrant: Caroline McGrory
28 The Hall Close
Cv22 6NP

Domain name:

Created on: 2009-02-25
Expires on: 2011-02-25

Is this the new identity of the team formerly known as Honda? Or someone taking a punt on what the team will be called, and pre-emptively registering the domain name in the hope of making some quick cash? Answers in the comments…

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  1. I prefer just ‘Brawn’… rather like McLaren or Ferrari: for example:

    “Look look under the bridge there….that’s one of the Brawns!”

  2. What about “Brawn Again”?

    1. I like it, reminds me of an ABBA tribute band I saw once called Bjorn Again.

      And their theme song could be Take a Chance on me. They could play it at meetings with potential sponsors. Or maybe Money Money Money – although that’s really Bernie’s theme song…

  3. I would love it if Ross Brawn can carry this through.. Maybe get Micheal back for a couple of seasons Yipppeee

    1. well well well…

  4. As my wife’s English granny was fond of saying, “Call me anything but late for supper.” Call the old Honda whatever they want, but get it on the grid!

    Great news, really.

  5. Adam Cooper, who wrote the article about BRAWN SPORT, wrote this at his column:

    I made a few phone calls and one very good source told me that the deal was indeed basically done. Not only that, but I could write that the team would be called Brawn Sport – and he was absolutely adamant on that.
    So I did exactly that on this morning, and thus you guys were the first to hear that phrase. I’ve been joking for a while that it might be called Ross Brawn Racing, so presumably someone thought RBR was a bad choice. I’m not sure that BS is much better…

    Surprisingly our story wasn’t picked up by the rest of the world’s media, but it did cause some activity on the forums. And intriguingly one race fan found that had indeed been allocated to somebody. Of course, for all I knew that could be a boxing gym in New Zealand, but a quick look on Google for ‘Brawnsport’ brought guess what? Our news story at the top of the list…

  6. I think they should call it Forti F1 as a nod to the old days of teams with no cash and a snowball in haides chance of surviving more than a season and a half.

    I sincerely hope that Ross has sorted the financial backing for the behemoth that it is. Super Aguri could trounce Honda with less than half the staff and almost no money. I have my doubts if Ross can really the team around.

    Oh, to whoever buys the team, please sack Nick Fry!!

    1. Ross mcdonogh
      3rd March 2009, 14:25

      i support your view, get rid of the FRY

  7. Well, it’s not the worst name in the world, but I don’t think Ross Brawn would be vain enough the plaster is own name on the ‘team’.

  8. Brawn racing sounds a lot better and relates to F1 in a way, however to respect prestige tyrell would be great to hear in f1 again. I just hope he has the financial backing and if it is successful this buyout he sacks nick fry.

  9. I don’t think Ross Brawn would be vain enough the plaster is own name on the ‘team’.

    Nick Fry might be though.

    Fried Brawn?

  10. Be positive guys it could have Fry F1sh.

  11. I actually like the name! Go Ross Brawn!

  12. How about Ross Racing ?

  13. Well, we’ve already got a RBR, and a B/S (as you all know):)
    I think Brackley Racing or Brackley F1 would’ve been good, but as long as it’s on the grid in Oz, I don’t really care.

  14. brackley f1 is good for me, has a ring.

  15. Is it only me who has reservations about Ross Brawn with the Honda team?

    I can’t stand the cheat….

    To me he cheated to help Schumacher when he was at Benneton and then again when he was at Ferrari. Don’t ask me to name all the times it happened as there were too many to go into. I didn’t like the fact he was taken on at Honda in the first place. And i do not think he will make a race winning or championship winning team.
    Though i do wish honda could be on the grid in 2009 and do well.
    I do not like Nick Fry either, and i think he has done the most to scupper Honda’s chances since David Richards left the team. It was just getting on it’s feet at the time and since Nick fry took over it has nose dived big time.

    To me The team formally known as Honda need someone who can lead the team to a winning way without breaking the rules or getting around them at every opportunity.

    1. Every single team that has ever won in F1 have bent the rules at every available opportunity.

      Colin Chapman was probably the expert at bending the rules with such examples as him claiming that corrugated cardboard was a suitable material to use for the fireproof dash board.

      Ferrari cheat, McLaren cheat, Williams cheat, they all cheat.

      Claiming Ross Brawn is any worse than anyone else on the grid is a bit biased (in my opinion), most fans have no problem with their team doing it yet still get outraged when the others do it.

      Everything is legal until you’re caught, that’s always been the way in F1 and probably always will be.

  16. Okay so Brawn Sport is looking like the frontrunner for the name of the new team, what about the title sponsor?

    Someone over on the 606 message boards suggested a global brand that’s never been in F1 and that the team would have a largely blue livery…

    Well, it got me thinking and Pepsi aren’t adverse to spending large amounts on endorsements…came up with a mock-up of what the car could look like if this was the case over on my F1ParkingSpace blog…

    1. Pepsi have sponsored Jordan in the past

  17. Sounds fine to me. Ferrari is hardly a cutting edge super imaginitve team name. I mean, it’s Ferrari’s racing team, so they called it Ferrari.

    Also, Team Vodafone McLaren Mercede’s is hardly something to be amazed by either.

    Call it Team Brawn, Honda, or even Blah Blah McGee for all I care, so long as the team makes it to the grid.

    1. Ross mcdonogh
      3rd March 2009, 14:28

      YES, i agree, if they have a race team left. Not happy bunnies at the moment

  18. So, if everything goes in place, as it should,

    the full name of the team would be Brawn Sport Mercedes? Or Virgin Brawn Sport Mercedes perhaps?

    I like the ring of Brawn Sport Mercedes…BSM!

  19. you’ll probably find since brawn has bought into the new f1 team, he has not done so personally, he would have setup a holding company for personal security and tax reasons, probably called brawn racing, and a part of that is securing the domains for future use.

  20. Having read through all the posts here Brawn Racing is starting to grow on me. Unless someone else is involved who we don’t know about I can’t think of anything better.

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