Brawn Racing? Surely not…

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

The F1 world is waiting to discover whether Honda’s team will make it onto the grid next year.

Becken has unearthed an interesting detail potentially revealing the name of the new team as Brawn Racing:

There?s an interesting history regarding an internet domain registered by a lawyer named Caroline McGrory (former BAR employee!). She taken two names:


Here, the data concerning the domain register:


Registrant: Caroline McGrory
28 The Hall Close
Cv22 6NP

Domain name:

Created on: 2009-02-25
Expires on: 2011-02-25

Is this the new identity of the team formerly known as Honda? Or someone taking a punt on what the team will be called, and pre-emptively registering the domain name in the hope of making some quick cash? Answers in the comments…

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  1. Check out what someone’s done to – me thinks they’re hoping to get some Google Adsense money!!

  2. There is a NASCAR team called Braun Racing only one letter different!

  3. reckon it will be Brawn Racing:

  4. How about calling it Brains Over…

  5. Ross mcdonogh
    3rd March 2009, 13:42

    who cares what they call it, they will be lucky even to have a race team the way things are going. No one wants to stay.

  6. Why not be really cheeky and call it Super Aguri?

  7. So when Jenson and eventual team mate overtake a backmarker simultaneously, they’ll be able to call it a Brawn sandwich…


  8. Is there any particular reason why Brawn GP’s headquarters are in the middle of a field….

    with merc power i think you will do well.

  10. fantastic outcome now perhaps the team can realise their true potential

  11. luke standing
    9th March 2009, 0:12

    I am a big fan of Ross Brawn and Jenson Button.Jenson is a brilliant driver and Brawn a fine engineer.Who gives toss about the name.Everyone at Brawn GP should be applauded for making sure we have not lost you all out of F1.I wish you all the success in the world.

  12. paul brackley
    23rd March 2009, 9:58

    as my name is Brackley!!

    Brackley F1 sounds kewl for a F1 team

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