Force India VJM02 revealed early – pictures (2009 F1 cars)

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Force India F1 VJM02 - 2009 F1 car
Force India F1 VJM02 - 2009 F1 car

Force India’s VJM02 was due to break cover tomorrow but Anirudh has dug out some early pictures of it on Force India’s official website.

They confirm the impression we got from the Force India calendar earlier this year that the new car replaces the bright red flashes of 2008 with orange and green. More pictures below.

2009 Formula 1 cars

Thanks to Anirudh for the tip!

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80 comments on “Force India VJM02 revealed early – pictures (2009 F1 cars)”

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  1. Does the car say “Powered by Mercedes-Benz” anywhere on it? I guess it’s been standard for the Ferrari customer teams not to advertise their engine supplier on the livery, but all the other customer teams do.

  2. Jury is still out on this one – need to see it in the flesh so to speak before I can decide if I like it or not. Having said that though, it’s nice to see some green in the field that is not on tyres or the team-formerly-known-as-Honda’s shorts….

  3. I agree with you, sajonaraman.
    The first thought I had was ‘It must be a plastic model’

    The Indian flag looks great in these colours, but I really can’t say I like this livery

    It’s only redeeming feature, in my opinion, is we’re not going to confuse it with anything else on the track,(unless the ex-Honda car has a similar paint job)

  4. The car looks like something pulled out of the early 90’s. ‘Nuff said.

  5. I quite like what they do with their mirrors and so forth, they have some clever interpretations. Still, I expect they’ll be down the bottom again.

  6. Why is the car on wets? was it raining?

    1. IIRC they are always used for shakedown tests as using those tyres doesn’t count towards your testing mileage.

  7. The test was at Silverstone, even if it was dry, its always safe to have wets on

  8. Nice livery …….could have done a better nose job mirrors looks very nice but at the end it all comes down to the race track……………cant wait for them to start

  9. Striay/iceman
    1st March 2009, 11:45

    Looks ugly to me! also looks like they have copied some pieces in every teams? cars!
    “McIndia” LoL!!!!!

  10. Striay/iceman
    1st March 2009, 15:47

    GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! there is testing today in Jerez! ferrari Mclaren…. all the teams except for Torro Rosso

    the times are :sebastian Vettel 1.19:055 87 vueltas // Felipe Massa 1.20:572 58 vueltas // Kamui Kobayashi 1.20:699 79 vueltas // Nico Rosberg 1.21:277 62 vueltas // Robert Kubica 1.21:518 38 vueltas // Giancarlo Fisichella 1.21:584 23 vueltas // Pedro De la Rosa 1.21:831 86 vueltas // Nelson Piquet 1.22:011 51 vueltas

  11. Striay/iceman
    1st March 2009, 15:55

    Sebastian Vettel 1.19:055 87 laps // Felipe Massa 1.20:572 58 laps // Kamui Kobayashi 1.20:699 79 laps // Nico Rosberg 1.21:277 64 laps // Robert Kubica 1.21:518 38 laps // Giancarlo Fisichella 1.21:584 23 laps Pedro De la Rosa 1.21:831 86 laps // Nelson Piquet 1.22:011 51 laps

  12. Striay/iceman
    1st March 2009, 15:59

    these are the times at Jerez on the 1st of march at 4:00

  13. Striay/iceman
    1st March 2009, 16:01

    Vettel 1.19:055 87 laps // Felipe Massa 1.20:330 63 laps // Kamui Kobayashi 1.20:699 79 laps // Nico Rosberg 1.21:171 71 laps // Robert Kubica 1.21:292 47 laps // Giancarlo Fisichella 1.21:584 31 laps // Pedro De la Rosa 1.21:831 94 laps// Nelson Piquet 1.22:011 52 laps.

    1. LOl! thanx for mentioning my post and name on the 2009 F1 testing: March 1st (pictures) YEY ME I’M REALLY HAPPY NOW!!

  14. wow some new colours on the grid, i like it

  15. It looks quite good overall- much better than last season, and now there will be no confusing it with the McLaren. I really like the colors, and clearly that may turn a few more heads back in India.

    The photos of the drivers walking with helmets in hand looks very much like some McLaren PR photos from the past few seasons- I wonder where they got that idea from?

  16. At the moment I not that fussed either way by the looks of the car. It’s not great but it’s not terrible. At least the livery is different to the other cars and we won’t mix it up with the McLaren anymore.

    Some earlier posts commented on liveries with three colours, one of my favourite liveries of all time was the Williams on the late 1980s early 90s of Blue/White/Yellow.

  17. It looks a little like a 2000/01 era Arrows in terms of the car shape..

    I can’t help thinking that this season’s cars have reverted to the look of those at the turn of the decade.

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