Rubens Barrichello confirmed at ‘Honda’

Rubens Barrichello will extend his record for most F1 starts

Rubens Barrichello will extend his record for most F1 starts

Rubens Barrichello will partner Jenson Button at ‘The Team Formerly Known as Honda’, but full details of how the team is to be rescued are yet to be announced.

Barrichello will extend his record as the F1 driver to have started the most races. The development is a blow to Bruno Senna, who had been linked to the second seat at the team. Rumours are placing him in a DTM seat for 2009.

The team, which has been tipped to re-launch as Brawn Racing, was expected to resume testing at Silverstone on Thursday this week but those plans have been put on hold.

This development means every F1 team except the two Red Bull outfits will go into 2009 with the same drivers they used in 2008.

Barrichello will also be one of just three drivers on the 2009 grid to have driven in F1 with slick tyres before this year. He, Jarno Trulli and Giancarlo Fisichella raced on slicks in 1997. Barrichello made his F1 debut in 1993.

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41 comments on Rubens Barrichello confirmed at ‘Honda’

  1. Jason said on 3rd March 2009, 10:30

    it will be nice to See Rubino back in a car :)

  2. ajokay said on 3rd March 2009, 10:35

    Surely Senna would benefit far more from a second season in GP2, possibly, you know, winning it, maybe, rather than heading to Germany for the year.

    Great news for Rubens though.

    • Trouble is, if Senna didn’t win the GP2 championship, it could damage his reputation. Better for him to spend a year in DTM driving a Mercedes before stepping into an F1 team next year – possibly one with strong links to both Mercedes and the Senna name…??

      Good to see Rubens back for another year, and if we are to taken Peter Windsor’s comments seriously, possibly he’ll be around for while yet…

      Now, if only “Honda” would announce the new team name and livery etc… (rumours over on RHF1 suggest the transporters are getting resprayed tomorrow in a Blue and White colourscheme…)

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 3rd March 2009, 11:04

      It would have been Senna’s third season in GP2. I’d rather see him in that than the DTM, because the DTM calendar is pretty small and the stupid pit stop rules ruin the racing. Plus, with Grosjean, di Grassi and HĆ¼lkenberg in top seats GP2 looks like being a corker this year.

    • ajokay said on 3rd March 2009, 11:13

      Trouble is with DTM, is it seems to be where F1 drivers head once their F1 career is over (Ralf, Mika, Jean). Wannabe F1 drivers who head to F1 (Paffett, Di Resta (so far)) don’t then tend to make it to where they want to be.

      Surely for Senna, sticking with the best single seater option available would be far better for him than tin tops. Last season was a stepping stone between being brand new to the series, and a third season where he could mount a serious championship challenge. I don’t think last year he was quite up to it (every race I watched, he always seemed to be perpetually stuck in 5th place).

  3. On first sight, DTM is too much of a side step for Bruno Senna. However, a 3rd season in GP2 is a bit much, too. There remain few other options, though, with a sideward step to Formula 2 out of the question, since that grid is now complete. Opting for IndyCar or the Le Mans Series would probably have team bosses lose sight of Senna.

    So, perhaps DTM is the least bad route, and Senna could benefit from a test and reserve driver contract with one of the F1 teams, and a year worth of racing experience in DTM. Perhaps with some outings in GP2, should one of the regulars fail to start, or the occasional sportscar race.

  4. David said on 3rd March 2009, 11:32

    I’m happy if Rubens is there.
    Senna will be there in a few years.

  5. Tom said on 3rd March 2009, 11:50

    Nice one Rubens – When (if?) he finishes with F1, he deserves a decent send-off like they gave David Coulthard.

    Wherever Senna ends up, he’ll raise the profile of that series. Jonathan Palmer should do everything he can to get him in a Formula 2 car – there’d be no better way to get a new series established.

    I’d say GP2 is the best bet, in front of all the F1 bosses. There may be a chance if, say, Piquet has another stinker at Renault. And he needs races – I agree with ajokay’s “stuck in 5th” observation, apart from that wet Monaco win. Senna failed to beat a good-but-not-great field last year.

    Are there any good drives left in GP2? Does anyone know where I can find an entry list?

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 3rd March 2009, 11:52

      Tom – here’s the major entries so far: Promising GP2 line-up taking shape for 2009

    • Alastair said on 3rd March 2009, 11:53

      Another season in GP2 cannot be bad for Senna, especially if Piquet has another stinker, as you say.

    • Filipe said on 3rd March 2009, 17:22

      There’s no great GP2 seats left. iSport wait for Senna for a long time (actually Diego Nunes, the brazilian driver they end up signing, told the brazilian press they only closed the deal after Senna give them an ok). Lokking at GP2 entry list the title is likely be between Di Grassi, Grosjean and Hulkenberg and Senna probably thinks the only good seat left (Arden) ain’t enough to challange them.

  6. todd said on 3rd March 2009, 11:55

    Yeah its a catch 22 for senna, going to DTM doesn’t help his single seat f1 career, but a 3rd year in GP2 isn’t great – especially if he doesn’t win it – but at least it’s still wheel to wheel style racing and close to f1 (tracks & events etc).

    It doesn’t take much for a good driver to look really bad, some bad tires, under performing car and a couple of other things and all of a sudden a driver that can be top 3 is stuck low down or crashing out, and those stats don’t look good come contract time.

  7. Sasquatsch said on 3rd March 2009, 11:56

    Honda will leave Thursday for the Barcelona track to join the tests next week according to GPUpdate

  8. todd said on 3rd March 2009, 11:57

    I’m happy that Rubens is back, he’s a real nice guy, good character and a great driver, would be awesome if nick fry has been axed and it’s a ross brawn team.

  9. This doesn’t surprise me. Honda need some stability at this point and having somebody who knows the car and has been involved with the team means one less thing for the team to sort out. They have enough to worry about without trying to incorporate a new driver.

  10. ajokay said on 3rd March 2009, 13:34

    Does this leave the 2008-2009 transition as the two years with least driver changes ever?

    • Gman said on 4th March 2009, 5:08

      I took note that last season was the first for some time when there were no in-season driver changes, and there is minimal movement this season. It’s a good thing for the sport in my opinion, but we obviously need more teams to get more drivers into the sport.

  11. Very good news to hear Barrichello has a racing seat for this season, he wouldn’t of had a proper send off. I hope senna uses this year wisely and chooses GP2, for a final preparartion if he gets into f1. He needs to focus on single seater racing anyway and DTM is usually the route to take when f1 drivers usually retire. IRL and Le mans team bosses will lose him on the radar and senna might lose interest into going into f1.

  12. Ant said on 3rd March 2009, 14:30

    Quote Adrian: “(rumours over on RHF1 suggest the transporters are getting resprayed tomorrow in a Blue and White colourschemeā€¦)”

    Great, another Blue and White colour scheme is just what we need!!! How original!!

    I guess if these rumours are correct, that would rule out any Virgin sponsorhip.

  13. Chaz said on 3rd March 2009, 14:41

    I guess they’re going with a good set of developmental hand in Rubens. I wonder how Rubens feels about this especially as he used to be at the top of the grid and now lounges firmly at the bottom. Furthermore I wonder how much sponsorship he is bringing with him to the new team. And as for Bruno, why is he not in a GP2 car close to the action…

    • Filipe said on 3rd March 2009, 17:30

      Rubens has no sponsorship money. I don’t think it matters for him to be in the last rows, he loves driving and really wants to get to the 300 starts, so he is ok with any seat he can get.

  14. anirudh said on 3rd March 2009, 14:54

    I think you guys already know…. Merc is supplying engines for Honda for this year.

  15. I always liked Barrichello, so its nice to see him back for another year.

    I would like to see Senna in F1 too but I didn’t like some of his interviews with autosport. He was talking about the amount of testing he would get before Australia and slamming the Torro Rosso team. Bad idea before ink gets on the contract.

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