Rubens Barrichello confirmed at ‘Honda’

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Rubens Barrichello will extend his record for most F1 starts
Rubens Barrichello will extend his record for most F1 starts

Rubens Barrichello will partner Jenson Button at ‘The Team Formerly Known as Honda’, but full details of how the team is to be rescued are yet to be announced.

Barrichello will extend his record as the F1 driver to have started the most races. The development is a blow to Bruno Senna, who had been linked to the second seat at the team. Rumours are placing him in a DTM seat for 2009.

The team, which has been tipped to re-launch as Brawn Racing, was expected to resume testing at Silverstone on Thursday this week but those plans have been put on hold.

This development means every F1 team except the two Red Bull outfits will go into 2009 with the same drivers they used in 2008.

Barrichello will also be one of just three drivers on the 2009 grid to have driven in F1 with slick tyres before this year. He, Jarno Trulli and Giancarlo Fisichella raced on slicks in 1997. Barrichello made his F1 debut in 1993.

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  1. Come to thinks of it, Trulli and Fisi are well placed for some shockers on slicks, don’t know bout old Rubinho though, depends how good his car is. I’m sure these guys will adapt to it quicker. Having said that, Fernando Alonso was mentioning that slicks suit his driving style better, so I presume that quite a few of the rest would mind the change either.

    On Senna not getting the drive, I think Ross Brawn made the right desicion. Senna was impressive in GP2 last year, but not consistent at all. Out of 20 (Feat & Sprnt) races, he only managed 2 wins and 6 podiums. Then again, Giorgio Pantano only managed 4 wins and 3 podiums. He should race in GP2 again, dominate the championship in the manner of Rosberg and Hamilton and that will re-inforce his credentials. Not much of drive left though. I disagree that he should go to F2, the driver on the roster are a joke of a competition of Bruno, he should be competing against higher calibre.

  2. I am disappointed that it appears Bruno Senna has been overlooked for a 2009 drive, yet upbeat that Rubens
    Barrichello has been given another chance.
    Surely this is a good indication that Ross Brawn his commanding some serious clout within the former Honda team, and it is conveniant, as both Brawn and Barrichello obviously get along due to their years
    together at Ferrari.
    If I were Brawn though, I would put Bruno Senna on the
    sidelines as a test driver for a year to give the guy
    experience and road miles in an F1 car. Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa both spent a year off apiece testing for their teams during their careers, and it both moulded them into better, more mature drivers.
    What goes against Senna his is extremely short racing career of only five years in top competition. However, going to DTM would be a huge mistake, possibly for both parties.
    As others have stressed in the months since Senna has been linked with F1, letting Bruno slip only risks
    encouraging a rival team to aquire him, and the name alone is a big incentive.
    In the real world however, you have to win the GP2
    championship to be considered for F1, as proven in the cases of Rosberg and Hamilton, which were both
    no brainer decisions. I really hope Senna makes it, my fingers are crossed for you mate!

    1. Trouble is though, with the testing ban this year, I doubt he’d get any F1 miles under his belt. Although I guess he could be employed as a ‘reserve driver’. At least his name would then be on the books. Better than the kick in the teeth, as they say.

  3. Lets hope that we see Bruno in F1 in the near dfuture

  4. It’s obviously good for Rubens, and good for the team- he’s got the experience and won’t be dejected if the team spends more time at the back of the grid than they would like.

  5. While I feel bad for Senna, it’s great to see Rubinho in F1 for at least one more year. :D

  6. Pete Walker
    4th March 2009, 9:46

    ‘The Chain’ returning and Rubens staying on for another record breaking season. Two of the best bits of news so far this year. :D

  7. I’m really glad to see Rubens back, maybe. Only 3 weeks until Melbourne and boy oh boy are Brawnracing or whatever they calling themselves cutting it fine to actually be on the grid regardless of who they announce as drivers.

    Rubens deserves a far better send off that the one he was given at the end of last year. I hate to see a man forced out before he is ready to hang up his helmet, especially when he still feels like he has something left to give. Of course this is not good news for Senna, and I do feel for him. But I think there will be other opportunities for Bruno, whereas this may well be the last one for Rubens.

    Of course, if Prodrive were competing this year like they were supposed to, there might be room on the grid for both of them …

  8. Odd how longevity and lack of talent seem to go hand in hand in F1. You know, Jack Laffite, Ricardo Patrese, David Coultard, Barrichelo, Trulli, Fisi….They must have a couple of thousands of GPs among them.

  9. I didn’t like this situation. I wanted Ruebens to stay and Senna to be in F1.

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