Massa wants shorter F1 races

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa wants F1 testing to count towards the championship
Felipe Massa wants F1 testing to count towards the championship

With the Formula 1 teams? association set to announce its plans for the future of F1 (more on that later) Felipe Massa has served up a side show to the main event with some entertainingly barmy suggestions of his own.

He wants F1 races to be shorter: ??because in the last 15 laps nobody cares about the race any more.?? I remember the last few laps of the Belgian and Brazilan rounds last year being the best action we saw all year thanks to some late rain showers we would have missed if the races had been 15 laps shorter.

But that?s nothing compared to Massa’s next idea, which can only be parody:

Friday is not so important for the show, so you can use the Saturday morning, and take away the Friday, and do two, three or four (test) sessions during the season, not together, separated, making a testing championship.

Maybe the winner has a bonus for the championship, or whatever you want to give.

A testing championship? Surely he didn?t suggest that seriously?

Hopefully FOTA?s plans will be much better than this when they announce them.

Massa concluded by saying: ??If everybody has an opinion and suggests ideas, all together we can make a good championship.?? In which case my opinion is that we all ignore Massa?s suggestions, and instead file them under ??things we?ll pretend he never said?? along with ‘Silverstone isn’t flat enough?.

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