2009 F1 testing: 5th March (Update: pictures added)

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Nick Heidfeld was fastest on the final day of the Jerez test
Nick Heidfeld was fastest on the final day of the Jerez test

It’s the final day of F1 testing at Jerez this week although Renault have packed up and left the test already after Fernando Alonso went fastest yesterday. Force India have done the same.

Much of yesterday’s discussion surrounded exactly what McLaren are up to and whether their continued use of a 2008-spec rear wing hints at problems with their new car. How will they fare today?

Today’s testing line-up

Ferrari: Kimi Raikkonen
BMW: Nick Heidfeld
Toyota: Jarno Trulli
Williams: Kazuki Nakajima
Red Bull: Mark Webber
McLaren: Lewis Hamilton

Pictures from today’s test

Live timing

For live lap times check out F1today.nl, Sportlifepress, MSFree or TheF1 (various languages).

If you find any more good sites for following testing lap times, please post details below. If you?ve got images or video to share you can upload them to the F1 Fanatic drop.io.

Further updates will be posted in the comments and any images or video from today’s testing will be added here.

2009 F1 testing

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  1. It looks like Mclaren has the 2008 rear wing on again.

  2. Red flag because McLaren has a problem… more sandbagging?

    1. That was raikkonen mate.

    2. Raikkonen red flag has to do with a red light or something… not clear why…

  3. Jonesracing82
    5th March 2009, 9:17

    not sure why they are running the ’08 wing! reminds of pre-season ;’04 when they had the ’03 wing (for ’04 they had to use 2 elements and not 3) and they were quick til they ran the ’04 wing, hope it’s not the same this time.

  4. I just google- translated some stuff from the spanish website; and the information seems weird.. Can some spanish guy explain please ? Here’s the translated comment

    10:01 pm We have just seen one of the most comical of Formula 1: Famous spies. Following the arrest of an engineer from BMW Hamilton has moved to McLaren in the box and tried everything I could observe the car while I dropped the truck brought it.

    10:06 pm Back on the subject of spies noted that at the end of the BMW engineers have opted for leaving the impossibility of seeing anything and the hostility that has been found in the British team.

    Here’s the spanish website link : http://directo.thef1.es/tests/

    1. let me help:

      10.01. We have just witness the most funny images in F1: the famous spies. After Hamilton stopped (Hamilton stop in the middle of the track at 9.45) a BMW engineer went to the McLaren box and tried to see everything about the car while it was being unloaded from the truck

      10.06 Going back to the spy thing, at the end the BMW engineer has decided to leave because he could not see anything and because of the hostility of the english team

    2. thanks a lot guys :)

    3. Sumedh, I think is better not trying to translate using tools like google (or any other)!!!

      That was an small comment talking about, how a BMW engineer has tryed to watch closely the McLaren of Hamilton, when they were returning back the car to the pits after the red flag, and how McLaren engineers have hide the car to the eyes of the BMW engineer.

      Nothing really important or relevant. They were just commenting about how everybody during the races or tests are trying to obtain as much as possible information from the other teams.

    4. IDR; I am an Indian and have absolutely no clue about Spanish. And google translator generally gives a good idea of whats going on. Of course; it goes wrong sometimes :). In such cases; I have you guys to help me out.

  5. I’ll try my best…
    10:01 We have just seen one of the most comical scenes of Formula 1: Famous spies. Following Hamilton stop, one engineer from BMW has moved to McLaren box and he tried to watch (the car, details about the car) as much as he could, while they dropped the car from the truck that brought it (the car).
    10:06 Back on the subject of spies: at the end, the BMW engineer has opted for leaving, because of the impossibility of seeing anything and the hostility of the British team (because McLaren engineers tried to block him).

  6. On a side note, the BBC’s F1 website has been given its facelift. Functionality is still the same as it ever was, ie: awful.


    1. watch this video its actually quite good.


      more importantly listen to the background music. Its the chain but horrifyingly its a remix i hope to God its not going to be the BBCs intro.

  7. On another side point the bbc have a story about Honda has confirmed it will be on the Grid in Austrialia.


  8. Nick Fry has announced that Honda has “survived” there is a short piece on the BBC site, more news to follow very shortly hopefully!

  9. I am getting quite concerned about McLarens pace as a Lewis Hamilton fan. They seem to be consistently at least a second off the pace, and with more more downforce as they are using a 2008 rear wing. What are the chances of them sandbagging? I have never watched testing so closely before.

  10. Hamilton broke something… maybe using 2008 rear wing was a good choice, at the end… anyway, I guess they know what they are doing…

  11. I think next week’s test will be very interesting. Do we know which drivers are scheduled to be in the Macca’s whihc days?

    If they aren’t using the 09 spec wing on all days next week then I will start to believe that they have serious problems.

    At the same time though, they do appear to have added new developments to the front-wing today – if they were struggling that much with the back you would think they wouldn’t be adding new parts to the rest of the car as they would (presumably) want known results to compare the rear wing to…

    On the other hand, perhaps they are going to bring a new diffuser to the Barca test and have decided there’s no point redesigning the 09 wing to fit the old diffuser when that’s not the one it will be used with…

    Wow this is fascinating..!!

  12. Hey!!!!!! they doesn’t seems too worried about the rear wing:


  13. That’s a very nice front wing, very sculptured.
    It has 4 elements? I thought the front wing for this year could never be so developed, but the engineers always managem to come up with some inovation, even when unexpected!

  14. Hamilton had a very high speed crash. not sure of his condition though.

  15. http://www.thef1.com/galerias/test/test_jerez_040309/28_jerez_040309.jpg

    this is frontwing MCM used yesterday

    where is the difference?

  16. High speed crash!? He collided at 44km/h according to the Mclaren press release. Anyways as a Mclarne fan i’m not worried YET. At the last Jerez test with an 08 rear wing they went 1:19:6 and today they were 1:21:2 is. Except for a revision to the front wing they cars were aerodynamically identical. You dont just lose 1.6 secs, i suspect the car will change greatly next week at Barcelona, with it being an aero circuit and dont forget they have another test after that. If they are still fiddling around with the 09 wing during the latter stages of next week then i will start to get worried..

    1. f1.com said it was a very high speed crash. But looking at F1 live I see it wasn’t a high speed cras at all. The car crashed because of a big gust of wind apparently.

  17. I meant Mcalren and ish not is

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