F1 Fanatic is four!

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F1 Fanatic first appeared on March 5th, 2005 and today it is four years old!

In the past I have marked the site’s birthdays by wheeling out new site designs but I’m sticking with the same basic layout for the foreseeable future, though with some minor updates in the pipeline for the coming weeks.

As many of you know I have been preoccupied with fixing a persistent server problem which, though improved, is still not entirely fixed. Thanks to everyone who’s been helping me with this.

I am very happy with how much the site continues to grow, recently passing the 2,000 RSS subscribers mark. I never imagined when I begun writing it that I would end up receiving hundreds of comments a day! I hope you all have as much fun contributing to the site as I do.

This will be the fourth F1 season covered by F1 Fanatic and it promises to be highly unpredictable and exciting. We’ll be live blogging every session once again – it was tons of fun last year, and I can hardly wait for that first practice session at Melbourne.

Until then, thanks to all of you who have and continue to read my writing, challenge my ideas, correct my mistakes, and make F1 even more fun to follow!

Check out The Best of F1 Fanatic to read some of the highlights from the last four years.

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    1. Congrats Keith, great work!!! Nice to have somewhere to catch up where the Knowledge base is that much better! Best of luck going full-time and heres to anther 4!

    2. Apparantly I missed the celebration!


      Happy birthday. I not only read you but admire. Thank you for your hard and decent work. Thumbsup.

    3. A belated happy Birthday F1 Fanatic’s, I was away for a few days, but as we approach the 29th March I shall be tuning in most days to your site, like I’ve done for the last 3 1/2 years. Well done.

    4. Congrats Keith,keep up the great work!!! u r the next murray walker!!!

    5. Keith 4 the bbc next year! well done Keith! and careful with your server, you might just get a burst of people at the start of the season!

    6. Well done Keith, my favourite website by a long way. Looking forward to another season on F1F.

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