Brawn GP tests its 2009 F1 car

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Jenson Button was first to drive the BGP 001 at Silverstone (click to enlarge)
Jenson Button was first to drive the BGP 001 at Silverstone (click to enlarge)

The new Brawn GP team tested its 2009 F1 car at Silverstone today. Jenson Button was at the heel of the BGP001.

The nose is very different to that seen on the interim Honda tested at the end of 2008.

It has very detailed mini-wings inboard of the sidepods in front of the adjustable element. The sidepods are high and wide, similar to those on the McLaren MP4/24.

Throughout 2008 we often heard how Honda was keeping its development to a minimum to focus on its 2009 car. Although work continued on its 2009 challenger in the two months since Honda announced it was putting the team up for sale, the team have not gone testing until now.

The car, which would have been the Honda RA109, is now the Brawn GP 001. It has been modified to use Mercedes’ FO108W engine instead of the Honda unit it was designed for, which will surely cause some compromises.

They will be test at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain next week along with the other F1 teams, which should give us an idea how close Brawn GP are going to be to the pace.

The other striking thing about the BGP 001 is its lack of sponsorship. The almost all-white livery is reminiscent of the Super Aguris when they made their final appearance in last year’s Spanish Grand Prix. Will the team be able to attract any backers in time for the first race of the season?

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  1. Good looking car though, and the front wing features some rather interesting designs. I hope that they aren’t just a feature of the back of the pack this season

    1. They weren’t :-D

  2. Robert McKay
    6th March 2009, 19:28

    A point I just saw made on James Allen’s (excellent) blog: that now we have two independent teams with customer engines: Williams and Brawn GP.

    I hadn’t thought of this prior, but it’s true. As such I feel I shall go out of my way to support this new entity, along with Williams. I like the independent aspect of them.

    1. Robert McKay
      6th March 2009, 19:31

      I mean privately owned in the sense there’s no manufacturer or massive company like Kingfisher/Red Bull involved, of course.

    2. Here, Here!

  3. it sure does look a nice effort. it’s a shame that they have missed so much testing but then again this car has been in the pipeline for so long that it may hit the ground running. anyway, hats off to Mr Brawn and best of luck for 09.

  4. Great looking car and one hopes that they can hit the ground running. Surely this must be a dream come true for Ross Brawn… His very own F1 team!!

    Just hope more has gone into the design of the car than the livery. A great set of bones spoilt by awful skin.

    I shall certainly be routing for Brawn racing this year.

  5. Boston F1 Fan
    6th March 2009, 20:05

    – That’s super. I like the minimalist look, but it could have been even cooler (a pure black F1 car?)

  6. Boston F1 Fan
    6th March 2009, 20:06

    – And any news on sponsors?

  7. Very very cool!

    Hopefully the lack of testing doesn’t have too bad of an effect!

    Best of luck to Mr Brawn and his team!!! :D

  8. graham228221
    6th March 2009, 20:43

    Apart from the hideous livery (which reminds me of a garish late-90’s shellsuit), it’s actually one of the better looking cars.

    Good job BGP, looking forward to seeing how they do in testing next week.

  9. I like it.
    BrawnGP have a huge task in front of them, but this a big step forward.

    I’ll be cheering them on although I suppose they’ll be on the back of the grid, for 2009 at least.

    Good Luck

    1. how wrong you were…

      1. Mouse_Nightshirt
        12th March 2010, 7:56

        Heh, Retrospectivity is great!

  10. I think it looks nice, not often you see a car with no sponsers, it shows of the curves more.

  11. I don’t think this will be the final livery, according to rumours they have secured a big name sponsor but the final livery won’t be unveiled before Melbourne. So hope they’re right…

  12. I think it’s the right moment to see the Johhny Player Special return. Do you remember the Lotus livery with that sponsor? Probably my favourite ever…

  13. Mouse Nightshirt
    6th March 2009, 22:47

    Is it just me that notices the grooved tyres?

    1. Yeah I wondered about that too!!

      Why bother with them three weeks before Melbourne??

      Hopefully they are able to be a little bit competetive this year. I cant really see it happening, but here’s hoping!

    2. They’re not grooved, in the 2008-and-earlier sense of the word, they’re intermediates. Have a look at the larger picture you can see the tread more clearly.

    3. All teams use interst for shakedown tests as they don’t count towards testing miles.

  14. Suddenly the UK has not only the front runners to root for but we now have our very own Super Aguri. Let’s just hope they don’t go the same way!
    Honestly, I will genuinely be rooting for them!

  15. I like the yellow inn the paint very much- hopefully we will see it more in the final color scheme. As for sponsors, don’t forget that the takeover was just recently completed- I am sure some more details will turn up on the paint before Oz.

    1. I agree Gman, the team was only announced yesterday, I should think they’re still sorting out sponsor deals. This will just be a testing/interim livery, although I’d love to see it carry through.

      There needs to me more black and yellow though, and less white, to distinguish it more.

  16. sayonaraman
    7th March 2009, 5:08

    It looks naked, which is good. I’d say Durex could splash a few quid on it.

  17. Their rear wing is also without a central vertical beam, like the Red Bull. I am guessing thats a good thing.

    The sidepods seem to stick out though. Or may be; its just the colour scheme.

    It does seem they have been working behind closed doors all the 2 months though.

  18. Good to hear that they are going to be racing still who knows this may be the time where smaller teams can get in the points as even the main players come to terms with lower spending and kers – tighter racing? – not long now to find out

  19. A tiny detail, Keith, doesn’t McLaren label their car numbers with a dash since somewhere in the mid-90s? So this year’s car is the MP4-24?

  20. Looks to plain to me but maybe before australia if they find new sponsors it will have a more lively livery. Im glad they put Barichello he knows his stuff and will help the team advance, however i do see this year being his last!

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