What was the F1 news on your birthday?

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Autosport November 5th, 1981 (click to enlarge)
Autosport November 5th, 1981 (click to enlarge)
Yesterday F1 Fanatic celebrated its fourth brithday.

By sheer coincidence a couple of days ago I came across the issue of Autosport that was printed on my own birthday: November 5th, 1981 (see picture).

This got me thinking – can we find out what the big F1 news was on the day (or week) of all our birthdays?

So, post your birth date in the comments below and I’ll do my best to rummage through the stacks of Autosports, Motorsports and other motor racing magazines I have piled up to find out what was going on in the F1 world on that day…

An Autosport cover without F1 on it would be unthinkable these days – but on November 5th, 1981 the lead story was the Ivory Coast rally.

But the Formula Ford Festival is mentioned at the bottom of the cover – it was won by Tommy Byrne, a rival of Ayrton Senna. Byrne went on to have a brief F1 career and you can read more of his story in the excellent book “Crashed and Byrned” which came out last year.

Autosport November 5th, 1981, page two
Autosport November 5th, 1981, page two (click to enlarge)
There was big news in the F1 world that week though. Carlos Reutemann, who had lost the 1981 world championship to Nelson Piquet in the last round of the season at Las Vegas, announced he was leaving F1. This left Williams with no drivers at all, as Alan Jones had already announced his retirement. Opposite page two was a story about Keke Rosberg leaving the tail-end team Fittipaldi.

Reutemann started the 1982 season with Williams but left abruptly, leaving them with Rosberg, who went on to win the title. On the same page is a story about John Watson turning down a drive with the team for 1982 – Watson remained at Mclaren and fought Rosberg for the title until the final round.

In other F1 news that day, Riccardo Patrese was finally cleared of wrongdoing in the accident that had claimed Ronnie Peterson’s life at Monza in 1978. Race starter Gianni Restelli was also foung not guilty by a court in Milan.

What was the F1 news on your birthday?

Post your birth date below and we’ll see if F1 Fanatic readers can find out what the F1 news was on the day you were born.

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  1. September 13, 1984!! I

  2. 17 February 1989

  3. 26 October 1986: The exact sunday Alain Prost claimed his second F1 World Championship. He’s French, I’m French, no coincidence.

  4. 11th April, 1993

  5. 13 September 1992 is mine!

  6. September 15th
    Child of the 60s, would love a shout out this weekend ;-)

  7. My birthday is on 4th February 1988, unfortunately that’s the off season of F1

  8. Sept. 26, 1979

  9. October 28th, 1970.

  10. 25th of January 1998

  11. My birthday is 14 october 1976

  12. 15th November

  13. 27th of August 1984. Alain Prost won the Dutch Grand Prix the day before. It’s also the same date with Mark Webber’s birthday!!!

  14. 14th of October 1976

  15. Today is my birthday!! 14 October 1976

  16. 30th October 1973!

  17. Mine is 25th Nov 1991 !!

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