What was the F1 news on your birthday?

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Autosport November 5th, 1981 (click to enlarge)
Autosport November 5th, 1981 (click to enlarge)
Yesterday F1 Fanatic celebrated its fourth brithday.

By sheer coincidence a couple of days ago I came across the issue of Autosport that was printed on my own birthday: November 5th, 1981 (see picture).

This got me thinking – can we find out what the big F1 news was on the day (or week) of all our birthdays?

So, post your birth date in the comments below and I’ll do my best to rummage through the stacks of Autosports, Motorsports and other motor racing magazines I have piled up to find out what was going on in the F1 world on that day…

An Autosport cover without F1 on it would be unthinkable these days – but on November 5th, 1981 the lead story was the Ivory Coast rally.

But the Formula Ford Festival is mentioned at the bottom of the cover – it was won by Tommy Byrne, a rival of Ayrton Senna. Byrne went on to have a brief F1 career and you can read more of his story in the excellent book “Crashed and Byrned” which came out last year.

Autosport November 5th, 1981, page two
Autosport November 5th, 1981, page two (click to enlarge)
There was big news in the F1 world that week though. Carlos Reutemann, who had lost the 1981 world championship to Nelson Piquet in the last round of the season at Las Vegas, announced he was leaving F1. This left Williams with no drivers at all, as Alan Jones had already announced his retirement. Opposite page two was a story about Keke Rosberg leaving the tail-end team Fittipaldi.

Reutemann started the 1982 season with Williams but left abruptly, leaving them with Rosberg, who went on to win the title. On the same page is a story about John Watson turning down a drive with the team for 1982 – Watson remained at Mclaren and fought Rosberg for the title until the final round.

In other F1 news that day, Riccardo Patrese was finally cleared of wrongdoing in the accident that had claimed Ronnie Peterson’s life at Monza in 1978. Race starter Gianni Restelli was also foung not guilty by a court in Milan.

What was the F1 news on your birthday?

Post your birth date below and we’ll see if F1 Fanatic readers can find out what the F1 news was on the day you were born.

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  1. Derek Nickels
    31st January 2015, 22:38

    26 JUNE 1968
    It was a Good year for Australian F1,but what happened on that day? (have a good memory, but not that good!)

  2. February 16, 1985

  3. Colin Forsyth – you were born on my 32nd birthday!

    I was born on Feb 16th 1953. I hope that you’re enjoying being young!


  4. Mine’s on 10th June 1999.

  5. February 28, 1968

  6. I’m not sure my dates have come up before, mine is 12 September 1975.

  7. Aqib (@aqibqadeer)
    9th March 2015, 16:59

    13th March 1995

  8. 12th December 1991

  9. 1975, April 23. Spanish GP was on the 27th. I can’t recall of any GP on my birthday. Hope to see a hat trick this year. Americas, México and Brazil.

  10. October 12 1974

    Piero Taruffi
    Nation : Italy
    Born the 12 october 1906 – Albano Laziale
    Die the 12 january 1988 – Rome – 81 years
    First Grand Prix :
    Italy 1950
    Last Grand Prix :
    Italy 1956
    Best result :
    Best grid place :

    Frank Armi
    Nation : USA
    Born the 12 october 1918 – Portland (Oregon)
    Die the 28 november 1992 – Handford (Californie) – 74 years
    First Grand Prix :
    Indianapolis 1954
    Last Grand Prix :

    Best result :
    Best grid place :

    Robert Paul Hawkins
    Nation : Australia
    Born the 12 october 1937 – Melbourne
    Die the 26 may 1969 – Oulton Park (Grande Bretagne) – 31 years
    – Accident durant le Tourist Trophy sur Lola
    First Grand Prix :
    South Africa 1965
    Last Grand Prix :
    Germany 1965
    Best result :
    Best grid place :

    Bertil Roos
    Nation : Sweden
    Born the 12 october 1943 – Gothenburg – 71 years
    First Grand Prix :
    Sweden 1974
    Last Grand Prix :

    Best result :

    Best grid place :

    Duke Dinsmore
    J. Carlyle Dinsmore
    Nation : USA
    Born the 10 april 1913 – Williamstown
    Die the 12 october 1985 – Daytona – 72 years
    First Grand Prix :
    Indianapolis 1950
    Last Grand Prix :
    Indianapolis 1956
    Best result :
    Best grid place :

    Taso Mathieson
    Thomas Alastair Sutherland Ogi Mathieson
    Nation : United Kingdom
    Born the 25 july 1908 – Glasgow
    Die the 12 october 1991 – 83 years
    Driver who only take part in non world championship Grand Prix.

    Eugene Martin
    Nation : France
    Born the 24 march 1915 – Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine)
    Die the 12 october 2006 – Aytré (Charente Maritime) – 91 years
    First Grand Prix :
    Britain 1950
    Last Grand Prix :
    Switzerland 1950
    Best result :

    Best grid place :

    X Gran Premio de Mexico
    12 october 1986 – Mexico
    1st win for Gerhard BERGER
    50th Grand Prix for Piercarlo GHINZANI
    1st win for Benetton
    9th win for BMW
    50th pole position for Renault

    XXIV Japanese Grand Prix
    12 october 1997 – Suzuka
    27th win for Michael SCHUMACHER
    100th Grand Prix for Michael SCHUMACHER
    Williams is World Champion
    113th win for Ferrari
    Morbidelli has suffered a big crash in qualifying and was injured.
    The Italian did not take the start of the race. He had achieved
    the 18th fastest time. This accident marks the end of Morbidelli
    career in F1.

    XXX Japanese Grand Prix
    12 october 2003 – Suzuka
    Michael SCHUMACHER is World Champion
    7th win for Rubens BARRICHELLO
    60th podium for David COULTHARD
    50th Grand Prix for Kimi RAIKKONEN
    50th Grand Prix for Juan-Pablo MONTOYA
    156th and last Grand Prix for Heinz-Harald FRENTZEN
    Ferrari is World Champion
    167th win for Ferrari

    XXXV Japanese Grand Prix
    12 october 2008 – Fuji
    21st win for Fernando ALONSO
    10th fastest lap for Felipe MASSA
    35th and last win for Renault
    140th pole position for McLaren
    115th win for Renault engine

    III Russian Grand Prix
    12 october 2014 – Sochi
    31st win for Lewis HAMILTON
    1st fastest lap for Valtteri BOTTAS
    Mercedes is World Champion
    26th win for Mercedes
    112th win for Mercedes engine

  11. July 6th. Hamilton won the 2008 race at Silverstone, probably his best ever drive.

  12. 25 April, sharing this with Felipe Massa among other F1 drivers!!

  13. April 22…I shared my bday on the other form, but I guess you missed it yesterday.

  14. May 16 1999

  15. Mines 1st of nov – mexican quali!

  16. 13th July 1986

  17. Dawson Johnstone
    3rd August 2015, 18:26

    Aug 12 1984!

  18. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
    7th August 2015, 6:43

    My birthday is on 6th June & the special thing about that day is that Isle of Man Senior TT races are held usually on 6th, like last year. I wish i could spend the whole week on that island with family n friends. :)

    1. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
      7th August 2015, 6:44

      6th June 1989

  19. August 21, 1935… soon to be 80! The good thing is that everything still works, though some parts are a bit slower than others.

  20. August 31. No F1 this weekend, but I do get WEC.

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