2009 F1 drivers helmets (Pictures)

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Detail on the back of Alonso's helmet
Detail on the back of Alonso's helmet

Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Nick Heidfeld have all changed their helmet designs for the 2009 seasons. Several others have made minor changes to their designs.

Here’s a look at each of the helmets this year’s F1 drivers will be using.

Among the design details I like are the world championship playing cards on Alonso’s helmet (above). Kazuki Nakajima, like father Satoru, has his surname stencilled in huge letters across the back. The other sons of F1 drivers – Nelson Piquet Jnr and Nico Rosberg – both have designs that echo their fathers’.

Both the BMW drivers have striking designs, with Kubica’s lurid red lid and Heidfeld’s new green design ensuring it will be easy to tell them apart the year. Toro Rosso’s pairing of Sebastien Buemi and Sebastien Bourdais share more than just first names – their helmet designs are very similar too.

There’s long been speculation that Lewis Hamilton’s helmet design is an homage to Ayrton Senna’s in bright yellow – though his father claims that colour was picked so it would be easier to spot him at kart races.

2009 F1 season

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  1. Renault not only have the worst livery, their drivers also complete the set with ugliest helmets.

    Only reasonable, I guess, given that Buemi and Vettel will look like cans of Red Bull. Bourdais’s looks like the Asturias Flag, whereas Mark’s looks like the British Union Jack.

    I kinda like the boldness of Nakajima’s helmet, though I wouldn’t go for it myself. Would have to say Nico’s got the nicest helmet – only just, mind you, that RBS visor sticks out too much for my liking.

  2. There are no real hemlet designs among these :/
    Neither are they memorable nor distinguishable when seen in a cockpit. Maybe except for Rosberg’s (dad’s!) design, Piquet’s (dad’s!), Fisichella’s and Button’s.
    All others seem very random.

    Also, only 4-5 drivers made use of their national flag (‘s colours) – in a way that it would be easy to figure out. This used to be such a great tradition back in the day.

  3. Props to Kubica for putting his country’s flag on a large part of his helmet!

    I don’t like Hamilton’s resemblance to Senna’s

  4. Loki, I agree with you regarding Renault’s livery. But I love the aces on the back of Alonso’s helmet. Class!!!

    1. I agree, the Aces are cool, here’s hoping next year he may have ‘Three of a Kind’ ;-)

      Someone should have the Joker on them. Hmmm….I wonder which cards suit each Driver…

  5. It would be good if they had their face on the top of the helmet, like Rossi did last year :)

  6. coulthard and nakajima get my vote for best recent helmets

  7. Renault now have the ugliest car. The worst driver : Piquet.

    And the worst helmet : Piquet again.

  8. It’s not like the good old days where they kept the same design for life.

    1. It annoied me when Eddie Irvine changed his Irish colours for jaguar print when he joined Jaguar.

  9. of course renault have the ugliest helmets to match the ugly cars, but i’ve never liked LH’s helmet. i think the world champ needs to come up with something more creative!

  10. I like Lewis’s, some of the others are bit over designed.

  11. reminds me of Narain Karthikeyan’s helmet…. :-C

  12. I have trouble telling Button and Barrichello apart when at the track. I know the camera mounts are different colours, but I instinctively look at helmets to tell drivers apart. Those two look too similar at speed, much the same as when Webber was at Williams. The Toro Rosso drivers will be easy to tell apart, as the top of the helmet is what matters to me.

    Hands down, in my opinion, the best helmet designs are Kubica, Heidfeld, Alonso (he’s gone national AND regional) and Rosberg, in that order, partly due to the above-mentioned reason.

  13. Fernando must to draw one more card on the helmet:09
    2009 world drivers championship for Fernando.

  14. The best looking helmet there has to be Kovalainen’s if u took all those sponsors off the helmet it would look even better. The worst looking one there has to be Hamilton’s I don’t know why but I just don’t like it.

  15. Glocks helmet is fantastic, although it does have that sort of ‘motorcross’ feel to it.

    Kubica’s colour scheme looks like he is going for a job at McLaren. Could this be a hint of things to come ?

    The 4 x red bull helmets will all look like they are driving around with a can of Red Bull on their heads. Yikes.

    I’m not keen on the red on top of Nando’s, but I LOVE the Aces. There’ll be another one to add to that pair soon, I’m sure.

    I think though, that I’m going to vote for – now there’s an idea Keith, set up a poll for best helmet – Fisi. Clean lines, uncluttered and that ectoplasm green is just awesome.

  16. For as much money as Formula 1 drivers make, and as hip and young they are, they really need to take a look a AMA motocross stars helmets because all of these are freakin’ lame!!! Seriously, the only one that has any design on it is the crown of Kimi’s helmet… and whats with the advertising all over their helmets- It’s too much and F1 teams need to realize you can’t put a sticker on every single piece of physical matter and expect people to really become die-hard about them. It’s a shame really. Give the drivers back their helmets… people will buy stuff if they like the personality of the driver and that is why they pay for the sponsorships anyway- they want to latch onto the drivers popularity. I’d go into how poorly cars are stickered/painted up, but its just too much… suffice it to say the India car looks like some sort of funland/mexican christmas nightmare.

    In summary, I’ve been disappointed in the drivers helmets for a long long time and Heidfeld’s new green helmet is actually quite boring and, being a Kimi fan, I’m disappointed that someone who has tatoo’s doesn’t have more personality on his helmet.

  17. I agree what you are all saying that the drivers should ot change their helmet design to match the car but arnt you all forgeting Raikkonen’s helmet?

  18. Lewis’ (Lewser) helmet is by far the worst, trying to pass himself off as senna.

  19. Hi Keith

    Could you perhaps get a picture of the back of Hamilton’s helmet. I saw he has some sort of picture on the back, and I’d like to see what it is. Thanks for a great website!

    And to “Brawn”, perhaps you should find out why his helmet is yellow in the first place…

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