F1 links: Mosley attacks press over privacy

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Max Mosley attacks Paul Dacre and Press Complaints Commission to MPs

[Mosley] accused the journalists responsible for the NoW story against him of a "semi-criminal act" and said his victorious privacy action against the NoW ended up costing him £30,000, because the amount of money he was awarded was less than his legal costs.

JA at Barcelona test – Day 2

"On one occasion, Kovalainen lined up just in front of Raikkonen and when the McLaren launched, the Ferrari went too. Within 300 meters the Ferrari was in front. It was that noticeable. Now Kovalainen could have been playing games, knowing the Ferrari was behind him and watching, but it didn’t sound that way."

USF1 Challenge: Part 3 – The Design

Series on USGPE (formerly USF1)

Fans ask Nick

Heidfeld answers fans' questions on video

Crunch-proof racing

Ex-F1 driver Jonathan Palmer: "GP2 is 1.5 million euros, World Series by Renault is 6/700,000 euros and that lack of affordability was great concern to the FIA. There's no doubt that Formula Two has come along at exactly the right time."

Front suspension keeps Bourdais in the pits

"After Bourdais had completed just 14 laps, a problem was identified on the front suspension, which could not be solved completely without the arrival of new parts from the factory back in Faenza."

Problem with KERS cooling system for Raikkonen

"Once again it was Kimi Raikkonen who was on track today and his planned programme consisted of a comparison of various set-up options at the start of the day, followed by Grand Prix weekend simulation (qualifying and race.) Unfortunately, the simulation came to a premature end, because of a problem with the KERS cooling system."

Recession hits playing fields and racetracks

"Corporate withdrawals from sponsorship have hit Formula One teams particularly hard – most notably the Williams team, which was the main casualty of Royal Bank of Scotland’s decision to pare back its sponsorship programme. F1’s sponsorship crisis has forced teams to redraw the sport’s regulations in order to cut costs."

Hamilton honoured at Buckingham Palace

"McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton took time to reflect on his title-winning success of 2008 on Tuesday, as he was awarded an MBE by Her Majesty The Queen at Buckingham Palace in London."

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