F1 links: Ecclestone’s ??1bn divorce

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F1 supremo Bernie faces £1bn divorce

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone was facing making Britain’s biggest divorce payout of £1.2billion yesterday.

A privacy law would suit Mr Mosley very nicely. Like his father he does not believe in freedom

"A privacy law would be a charter for the rich and powerful – something that would have, no doubt, appealed to Sir Oswald Mosley. The son, like the father, does not believe in freedom." Never mind that the Daily Mail, in which this article was printed, was fulsome in its praise for Oswald Mosley at the time.

Don’t write off McLaren

"Other people are sniggering about stories in the motorsport press that suggest that McLaren is struggling in pre-season testing and may have produced a dud for 2009. In your dreams, guys!"

France unveils plans for new F1 track

"French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte will work with British construction experts Apex UK, who also helped build the Dubai Autodrome, to head up the project."

Whitmarsh, McLaren and Barcelona

"What makes this controversial is that he is actually suggesting that Bernie Ecclestone be by-passed in the quest to put a US or Canadian GP back on the calendar. A clearer admission that Bernie's ridiculous demands of circuits are no longer acceptable could not be hoped for."


Kaushal's new F1 blog

That McLaren/Ferrari start

"I’m finding this McLaren under-performance story fascinating. There are many who think it’s a new approach to testing in a season when testing will be banned from two weeks from now onwards. McLaren have even run Monaco parts along with the rest of the job sheet."

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