If Brawn GP really are that fast??

The two Brawn GP cars were fastest in the final pre-2009 test session

The two Brawn GP cars were fastest in the final pre-2009 test session

??Honda made a huge blunder by selling the team over the winter. After the disastrous years of 2007 and 2008 their decision to throw all their efforts into the 2009 campaign would have been vindicated.

??Their livery won?t stay plain white for long. Plenty of people have suggested that their stunning pace in testing was achieved because they were running light in a bid to attract sponsors. But would they really waste so much of what little testing opportunity they had to post artificial lap times?

Recession or no, there?s an F1 car that looks like being a race winner hammering around with no sponsors on it. Form an orderly queue??

??Button versus Barrichello will be a fascinating battle. Button was largely the quicker of the two in 2006 and 2007, but Barrichello had the upper hand last year.

They also had some very close fought duels, such as at Fuji, but because they were going on at the back of the pack they didn?t get much attention.

??It?s terrible news for McLaren. For as long as they?ve had Mercedes engines they?ve never had to share them with another team.

Now, in the first year Mercedes are supplying other teams (Force India as well as Brawn GP), McLaren are lagging behind a team which spent two months of the off-season looking like it might not exist. Not good for the defending world champion’s team.

Do you think Brawn GP?s testing pace is genuine? Have your say in the comments.

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83 comments on If Brawn GP really are that fast??

  1. gaz said on 13th March 2009, 9:48

    honda made no bones over the past two years that all effort was going into the 2009 car, that along with ross brawn’s proven f1 record are we really to be surprised??

  2. If Brawn GP really are that fast….

    Then we are in for a cracking Oz GP, and i for one cannot wait. I was trying to explain the exictment i’m feeling to my fiancee (who got into F1 last year, thanks to Lewis, Nando and all the Wet Races!!), i’m literally jumping like a little kid watching Lazy Town.

    Regardless of weather you think JB or RB are the best drivers ever, it will just be nice to see how they have to cope with the pressiure if they are genuine frontrunners for the early part of the season. We know JB likes to be at the front, look at his career before F1, his Winning MO is to win from the front. And RB was usually playing second fiddle to Schumi, how will he react if he thinks he has a genuine opportunity to be #1.

    OK, i’m sure that we all expect Ferrari and BMW to develop faster over the season and create a performance gap between themselves and the field, but in the first 6 races, at the moment, you have to say that on Long Run Pace we could have 8 different race winners from BMW, Ferrari, Brawn and Toyota

    When did we last have that kind of scenario??

    (who know’s about McLaren, we’ll wait until Qualifying to judge them)

  3. Colin said on 13th March 2009, 10:19

    @ S Hughs “Jensons not naturally a good driver” I’ll think you’ll find that amongst the paddock jensons style of driving is reagrded as incredibly gifted (Natural). There is no bigger fan of lewis than me ( his home in tewin is 10 mins from mine) but to describe him as the best driver on the grid is to say the least generous, if Mclarens problems persist then perhaps he can prove himself the best this season but he has so far benefited from enormous support often to his team mates demise. I think Jenson absolutley deserves to “Luck out” in a decent car this year and I say good luck to the Brawn boys and girls this season, the sport needs mixing up this year!!

    • ajokay said on 13th March 2009, 11:28

      Not far from me then Colin!

      I agree that is very harsh to attack Jenson’s talent as a racing driver, and would suggest it’s maybe verging into the realms of trolling, to be honest. Take the blinkers off an realise that there are 19 other drivers out there, several of whom are easily able to give Lewis a run for his money.

      He has a beautifully smooth style, very reminiscent of Damon Hill’s. It’s just a style such as this requires an equally smooth car in which to operate, and he hasn’t had that since he was in a Williams BMW 9 years ago, aside from the 2006 blip when the BAR ran very well.

      So the best of luck to Brawn, Button and Barrichello. As far as the car goes, I’m hoping that their pace isn’t just smoke and mirrors. I can’t see why they’d dedicate a whole two weeks to sponsor chasing and not get any real testing in. I believe they’ve been running all sorts of trials; long runs, qualifying, pit stops. I think they’re going to be close the the front in 2 weeks time.

      And is this ends up being Barrichello’s final year in F1, what better way than to head out as a dark horse World Champion?

    • Gman said on 13th March 2009, 20:01

      You guys are quite lucky to have so much F1 star power nearby you- the Andretti stronghold is a few hours down the road from me, but that’s about it.

      I join you in wishing for a great season from Brawn GP- just the fact that they can show up and compete after a rough off-season is great, even better if they can punch high enough for points and podiums.

  4. BrunoG said on 13th March 2009, 10:25

    Hope they are that fast. Would like to see as many teams and drivers to be close. And an independant team to be in front….when was that time?

  5. BrunoG said on 13th March 2009, 10:25

    last time? typo

  6. roser said on 13th March 2009, 10:49

    Alonso said that GPBrown speed is real. I use to trust his opinions.

  7. todd said on 13th March 2009, 10:57

    it’ll be interesting to see what happens in jerez, and then its only a few more days after that till the real test in melb.

  8. claus said on 13th March 2009, 11:14


    Honda just isnt able to build f1-engines :)

  9. Robert McKay said on 13th March 2009, 11:19

    Ironically, if Brawn GP really are as fast as some people are saying they might be, I think the Australian GP might not be quite as good as I’d hoped. Up until now, it was, if you believed the hype, very close between Ferrari, BMW and Toyota. If Brawn are going to come and dump on those teams from a great height the opening round may resemble the 1998 race more than anything else, when Mclaren came and womped the rest of the field.

    However, I still have my doubts that they really are out in front of the field. Hopefully Brawn will be on roughly the same level as those other 3 teams and we can have 8 potential victors at the opening round.

    If Brawn really are that good Honda will have their name back on them as soon as possible, some way, somehow. They are, after all, still financing the team to the most part.

    • Gman said on 13th March 2009, 20:08

      Indeed that may be the case Robert. But don’t you think it would be great if Brawn GP shows up and whips the rest of the field after enduring so much turmoil and uncertainty this off-season? Can’t pitch a better underdog story than that :)

  10. Hats of for Brawn. If what we have seen is reality and adding on top of that the RB superior strategic power,
    Brawn GP will just have to bring the cars over the finishline to secure a GP win or even several of the same.

  11. I think it is pretty difficult to judge race standing from testing results. I don’t think McLaren are going to be in the back of the pack because of slower testing times, and I don’t think Brawn will be at the front because of faster times. There are just too many variables in play.

    (By the way, Keith – that could be an interesting end-of-season post if you can find the necessary statistics.)

  12. SamS said on 13th March 2009, 11:39

    this has just been posted on BBC website, not good news as a Mclaren fan

  13. sainaa said on 13th March 2009, 11:50

    Hopefully testing result shows the real pace of the car. I want Button and Brawn GP to win both championships.

    Does anybody know where I can download hi-res Brawn GP 001 pictures?

  14. ajokay said on 13th March 2009, 11:54

    Video interview here with Button and Brawn on their new car and testing pace. button being very coy about the whole situation, which is unusual, as he’s normally very straight talking (remember his Benetton days?):


  15. Just thinking aloud, here, but perhaps Brawn could be the first ‘new’ team to win their first race since 1976… effectively doing what BAR allegedly set out to do with Reynard in 1999.

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