If Brawn GP really are that fast??

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The two Brawn GP cars were fastest in the final pre-2009 test session
The two Brawn GP cars were fastest in the final pre-2009 test session

??Honda made a huge blunder by selling the team over the winter. After the disastrous years of 2007 and 2008 their decision to throw all their efforts into the 2009 campaign would have been vindicated.

??Their livery won?t stay plain white for long. Plenty of people have suggested that their stunning pace in testing was achieved because they were running light in a bid to attract sponsors. But would they really waste so much of what little testing opportunity they had to post artificial lap times?

Recession or no, there?s an F1 car that looks like being a race winner hammering around with no sponsors on it. Form an orderly queue??

??Button versus Barrichello will be a fascinating battle. Button was largely the quicker of the two in 2006 and 2007, but Barrichello had the upper hand last year.

They also had some very close fought duels, such as at Fuji, but because they were going on at the back of the pack they didn?t get much attention.

??It?s terrible news for McLaren. For as long as they?ve had Mercedes engines they?ve never had to share them with another team.

Now, in the first year Mercedes are supplying other teams (Force India as well as Brawn GP), McLaren are lagging behind a team which spent two months of the off-season looking like it might not exist. Not good for the defending world champion’s team.

Do you think Brawn GP?s testing pace is genuine? Have your say in the comments.

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  1. I just checked the bookies to see what they think.

    Jenson Button 15:1 to win WDC
    Rubens Barichello 26:1 to win WDC
    Brawn-Mercedes 11:1 to win the constructors.

    They’re almost worth a punt…

  2. Massa: Brawn GP pace unreachable
    Alonso says Brawn GP pace is real

    Both in Autosport.com

    They are the ones that know what is going on in the testing. I will trust them.

  3. Massa said that Ferrari is behind Brawn GP, now if that’s the truth, why isn’t Ferrari reacting/doing anything about it??? I mean they can do more testing next week like McLaren to find more pace?

  4. theRoswellite
    13th March 2009, 20:34

    A couple of comments-on-comments…

    Ross Brawn is the ultimate professional, and the last thing he would allow to go on is any kind of “trick” efforts just to show up with quick testing times, only to fall on his face a couple of weeks later at the first race. Give him the credit he deserves.

    Also, anyone diss’ing J. Button just hasn’t been paying much attention.

    And, to assume that the Brawn (I like the sound of that more every day) team will be unable to develop their car is more than a little goofy. Plus, if we know anything about preseason form translating into in-season speed, it is that a car’s basic layout must be fairly good right from the start. If it is an actual “pig”, no amount of wind tunnel lipstick is going to transform it into a podium’s silk purse (that’s why you’re going to see some long faces in the McL pit).

    Oh, and can anyone actually believe Mercedes would try to subvert a winning car running their engines to benefit ANY OTHER TEAM, especially one hanging out in the second half of the grid? (and how would that favoritism be hidden exactly)

    If the Brawn GP form holds we should all be overjoyed to see a breath of fresh air blowing onto the starting grids for ’09.

  5. well i guess as the changes are so radical i guess we might see a significant change in the pecking order. However i do believe if brawn gp have a fairly successful season this year wouldn’t it have been a waste of the past 2 seasons for honda and the build up to this season to sell the team. They brought in ross brawn for there own now they won’t seem themselves benefit as they have now sold the team. the car which has now been built has been worked on earlier during the 2008 season than any of the other teams and to good use and now we are seeing the effect.

    as a mclaren fan i am dissapointed however we weill just have to wait and see until the first quali session. if mclaren have made a bit of a dud out of a new car it wil really test how good lewis really is as driver.

  6. I’m quoting Gman

    Indeed that may be the case Robert. But don’t you think it would be great if Brawn GP shows up and whips the rest of the field after enduring so much turmoil and uncertainty this off-season? Can’t pitch a better underdog story than that.

    Brits love the underdog. Indeed, it would be great if Team Brawn showed on the front three rows at Australia and recorded respectable, fighting finishes.
    I never wanted a debutante to do so well.

  7. As a bloke that thinks that Ross Brawn is a legend among men, I would be absolutely stoked if Brawn GP tore its way through the season. Obviously as my gravatar shows, I’m a Tifoso, but first and foremost I’m a F1 fanatic. I love the sport and love the great individuals that make the sport what it is. Brawn is one of them and if he can make what quite frankly was a poxy team (Honda) into a worthy team…..well….that’d be just dandy.

  8. Aww, I like the plain white livery.

  9. The video of the Ferrari smoking the McLaren off the line in barcelona might show that KERS will be an advantage off the startline – think back to 2004 when the Renaults used to drag many cars off at the lights. In those days it was really hard after the start for the cars to pass and as a result the Renaults generally stayed ahead, unless the car behind was red…

    But with the new aero rules will this be the case? If not, if overtaking is easier, then the Brawn cars will have an advantage. They may qualify well, and they may lose out at the start to KERS equipped cars, but over the race distance i think they just might begin to make their mark.

    Button has always been kind to his rear tyres, and there has been much talk of teams struggling to get their front tyres to work with the new cars. A no-KERS car with much better weight distribution, better aero (as they don’t need to cool the KERS system) and a long technical gestation might not be such a silly bet for race wins.

    Can’t wait for Melbourne!

    1. Im not too knowledgeable on KERs, but it can be used from the start? Isn’t the point of KERS to get that extra power from the kinetic energy from braking? But there isn’t really much hard braking before the start. Do they have like an initial boost to begin with?

  10. I really truly hope there pace is genuine. I would be sick to my stomach to see yet another Ferrari championship year.

  11. I’ll be supporting them aside from Ferrari.

  12. I couldn’t be more thrilled about having another top team to shake things up. I’m not holding my breath, but I’ll bet Villeneuve just pulled a few of his remaining hairs out!

  13. Parag Dhungana
    14th March 2009, 4:17

    Below is the post of my fellow mate St Moore (Chief Moore) from F1-TM website. I think this was the lap times of 12th march 2009

    “Well i found this interesting,

    Its a lap by lap account of FM in the Ferrari and JB in the Brawn. Both did 23 lap stints on Wednesday and this is how they compare.

    Massa Button

    1:21.698 1’21”355

    1:21.541 1’21”044

    1:21.911 1’20”967

    1:21.141 1’20”928

    1:23.099 1’20”566

    1:21.590 1’20”718

    1:21.450 1’20”739

    1:21.347 1’21”018

    1:21.821 1’25”751

    1:21.114 1’20”938

    1:21.321 1’20”839

    1:21.421 1’20”745

    1:21.084 1’20”694

    1:20.993 1’20”612

    1:21.770 1’20”739

    1:22.821 1’20”940

    1:20.801 1’21”166

    1:20.982 1’21”613

    1:21.430 1’21”512

    1:23.352 1’22”003

    1:22.903 1’24”896

    1:21.198 1’21”644

    1:21.494 1’21”258

    31:18.3 31:12.7

    As usual it doesn’t mean anything because we don’t know the fuel loads but still, interesting.

    The Brawn seems quicker and more consistant. “

    1. Judging by those times – if you exclude > 1 sec differences (as those must be due to a traffic) it seems that over the race distance Brawn is on average 0,3 – 0,4 sec / lap quicker than Ferrari.

      They are faster, but non necessarily unreachable as you could assume by their “quali” times of 1:18.

      What’s sure is that they will be figting in front.

  14. Robert McKay
    14th March 2009, 11:02

    Indeed that may be the case Robert. But don’t you think it would be great if Brawn GP shows up and whips the rest of the field after enduring so much turmoil and uncertainty this off-season? Can’t pitch a better underdog story than that

    Oh, undoubtedly it would be a fantastic story and I would not be disappointed to see Brawn GP turn up and thrash everyone. I’m just saying from the point of view of wanting to see multiple teams battling for victory it’d be quite nice if 3 or 4 teams turn up with very similar pace.

  15. Quite agree Robert

  16. The same people that designed the BrawnGP car are going to be updating it so there is no reason to think that the BGP will not improve. Its not a team that came out of the woodwork. If USF1 shows up in 2010 on top of the timesheets then that will truly be a miracle. BGP know F1 and with all the teams being so close in performance its all about getting it right.

  17. BrawnGP’s spectacular times remind me much of Arrows offseason testing. The rules are changed, and they do have Mercedes, but I doubt it is pure speed. Should be interesting to say the least.

  18. I’m glad to see Honda finally building a great f1 car, not only great engines. It’s a pity they left the sport since their KERS system was also the most mature at this stage.

  19. Anyone who thinks that Brawn is too much the “professional” to pull ticks with testing times is kidding me.

    F1 is a ruthless, pretty low down affair overall and it’s in that context that Brawn has succeeded over the years. He has also worked closely with Schumacher, Todt and other pretty marginal characters.

    I don’t doubt Brawn’s ability, nor am I saying the times the team set recently. But anyone who suggests the times must be real because Brawn is such a stand up guy is being terminally naive.

    Having said all that, i think the times may probably are pukka, but that’s not because think Brawn is a cuddly little bunny.

  20. I would like to agree with so many of you, that I haven’t been this excited about an F1 season in many years. However, no one seems to have mentioned that the Brawn car has set remarkable times at Barcelona. At Barcelona. That may be the point. It is one of the most often used test venues, the teams know it so well. This does not mean that Brawn/JB/RB are going to walk away with the championship this year, just by being quick at one of the cicuits. I wish they would, but it’s unlikely. Maybe Jerez will give us something to really get excited about!!!

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