If Brawn GP really are that fast??

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The two Brawn GP cars were fastest in the final pre-2009 test session
The two Brawn GP cars were fastest in the final pre-2009 test session

??Honda made a huge blunder by selling the team over the winter. After the disastrous years of 2007 and 2008 their decision to throw all their efforts into the 2009 campaign would have been vindicated.

??Their livery won?t stay plain white for long. Plenty of people have suggested that their stunning pace in testing was achieved because they were running light in a bid to attract sponsors. But would they really waste so much of what little testing opportunity they had to post artificial lap times?

Recession or no, there?s an F1 car that looks like being a race winner hammering around with no sponsors on it. Form an orderly queue??

??Button versus Barrichello will be a fascinating battle. Button was largely the quicker of the two in 2006 and 2007, but Barrichello had the upper hand last year.

They also had some very close fought duels, such as at Fuji, but because they were going on at the back of the pack they didn?t get much attention.

??It?s terrible news for McLaren. For as long as they?ve had Mercedes engines they?ve never had to share them with another team.

Now, in the first year Mercedes are supplying other teams (Force India as well as Brawn GP), McLaren are lagging behind a team which spent two months of the off-season looking like it might not exist. Not good for the defending world champion’s team.

Do you think Brawn GP?s testing pace is genuine? Have your say in the comments.

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  1. I think what we’re learning is that perhaps Honda needed to give Brawn a little more power over the team.

  2. In answer to the query about KERS being used at the start – of course the cars will have built up power in their KERS system before the start. Have you never watched a warm up lap? They are hard on the brakes all the time, especially as they approach the grid.

    Interesting to watch the start of the first few races…

  3. The Brawn did it today!
    A superb race and 1st and 2st places to the Brawn GP!!


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