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British press on Hamilton’s troubles 14th March 2009, 21:12

Lewis Hamilton has been the golden boy of Fleet Street since he arrived on the F1 scene two years ago. While the national football and cricket teams have struggled, his has been one of few success stories for Britons in international sport. But facing a potentially un-competitive season with the McLaren MP4-24, Hamilton can expect […]

Digger: NASCAR’s F1-hating gopher (Video)

Gather round young ‘uns! Digger’s gonna teach y’all’ ’bout the evils of foreigners and their funny-lookin’ racin’ cars… NASCAR’s cartoon gopher Digger lampoons F1 in this hilariously bad cartoon from a recent race. Yeah, it sucks, but it’s a lot better than Talladega Nights… In case you’re wondering what a gopher called Digger has to […]

F1 links: McLaren in trouble

McLaren admit problem, but how bad is it? "Looking at the lap times from Wednesday and Thursday, Hamilton doesn’t do any long runs, 10 laps is his maximum and the car runs in the 1m 22s and high 1m 21s. It’s very hard to guess how heavy the car is when they did this run, […]

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