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McLaren admit problem, but how bad is it?

"Looking at the lap times from Wednesday and Thursday, Hamilton doesn’t do any long runs, 10 laps is his maximum and the car runs in the 1m 22s and high 1m 21s. It’s very hard to guess how heavy the car is when they did this run, as 10 laps worth of fuel is only about 25 kilos, so the car could have had another 30 on board at the end of the run or just fumes. Generally I would expect them to have a total of around 40 kilos in the car as a reference for their tests. They were not doing long runs or race distance tests, where you’d expect to use 50 kilos per 20 lap stint."

Top Gear Grand Prix 09

"Jeremy Clarkson meets Lewis Hamilton down at the Top Gear test track, James May gets to grips with the six eras of F1 and the Stig thrashes the arse off F1’s safety car."

Technical analysis: Brawn GP BGP 001

A thorough look at the car everyone's talking about.

Thoughts on BMW Sauber After Testing

"Melbourne is just a few weeks away and from my standpoint, the team seems in pretty good shape to compete for wins and the drivers championship with either one of their drivers."

The Brawny Question

Clive provides more answers to what happens "If Brawn GP really are that fast…"

Pre-Season Testing Comparison: 2008 vs. 2009

"The biggest gainers are Brawn, who over their previous pace as Honda, have improved by a whopping 3.733s."

Massa: Brawn GP pace unreachable

Felipe Massa: "As far as the performance is concerned I'm really satisfied with our competitiveness compared to all the others, except obviously Brawn GP, who were unreachable for all of us."

McLaren admits new car not quick enough

Martin Whitmarsh: "This week the car has run in Barcelona with an updated aero package, as we had always planned it would, and a performance shortfall has been identified that we are now working hard to resolve."

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