F1 links: Quick fix for McLaren?

Mark Hughes on McLaren's problems "It is probably a problem that can be switched off relatively easily – but only once it’s been identified." From where McLaren are at the moment that sounds very optimistic. The Top 10 Most Futile Formula 1 Teams of All-Time Teams with the most starts yet zero wins. Apologies and … Continue reading F1 links: Quick fix for McLaren?

Flins-Mureaux: France’s Tilke-free track

New details about France’s potential new F1 track have emerged at Grandprix.com. It’s being built without the aid of Hermann Tilke, who has had something of a monopoly of F1 circuit design for more than a decade.

Hello to Hector

On the train home from work I usually thrash out a few ideas for articles, listen to podcasts or sleep. The one thing I never do is talk to anyone, because that would violate Rule 1 of Travelling on the London Underground. This evening, however, someone did speak to me, and I’m glad I resisted … Continue reading Hello to Hector

F1 2009 technology: front wing

F1 Fanatic guest writer John Beamer looks at the technology of the 2009 F1 cars, starting with those eye-catching front wings. Contrary to what many feared a few months ago, 2009 will be a bonanza for F1 technical aficionados. The lower (and flatter)??front wing, higher nose and deletion of various aerodynamic paraphernalia circling the chassis … Continue reading F1 2009 technology: front wing

2009 F1 teams information

I’ve been updating the information for the ten 2009 F1 teams and you can find links to each of their pages below. As well as basic information on each team there’s also a run-down of key members of staff, maps of where their team headquarters are, and more. Here’s the pages for each of the … Continue reading 2009 F1 teams information

2009 F1 testing: March 16th

Today four F1 teams are scheduled to test in Jerez. Williams, Renault and Brawn GP were all running at the track yesterday, and McLaren will resume work on their troublesome MP4-24.