Qualifying fuel strategies to be revealed

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Among the World Motor Sports Councils decisions for the 2009 F1 season are a series of measured aimed at improving media coverage of the sport.

Most important of these is the news that the weight of every car will be published after qualifying. This will allow fans to know whether drivers in the top ten qualifying have heavy or light fuel loads.

It would, of course, be much better to know this information as qualifying begins, to heighten the interest. Hopefully this will follow as the season progresses. But with refuelling banned in 2010, it will ultimately become unnecessary anyway.

The FIA has also stipulated occasions in race weekends when the drivers must make themselves available:

  • After practice, for autograph signings
  • After being eliminated during qualifying, for interviews
  • After retiring from a race, for interviews
  • After finishing a race, for interviews

These are all sensible steps and the only bad thing you can say about them is they should have been taken years ago.

Finally, lighter grooved wet weather tyres will now be called ??intermediates? once again, and the tyres known last year as ??extreme wets? will now be called ??wets?. In other words, they?ll go back to how it was before, which made sense. If only this philosophy was applied to other parts of the rulebook??

On the whole, I think these media requirements count among the best things to come out of today?s World Motor Sports Council meeting.